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Griffin Family Tree Notes 2

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         WALKER, Edith -
Kept house for her father and brother Mark.   

         WALKER, Hiram Lewis -
A soldier in WWI. His war experiences caused him to become deranged and he spent time in the Veterans Hospital for the Insane.   

         WALKER, Anna Jane -
"2 or 3" other children died in infancy.   

         STARKEY, Ethel -
She had 3 children, the oldest of whom died. The Dermitts lived in Indianapolis, Indiana.   

         STARKEY, Jessie Evelyn -
2 children by Hollensworth and 2 by Acklin. They lived in Illinois.   

         SMITH, Billie Colson -
Committed suicide.   

         HALL, William -
He worked for the railroad for 37 years.   

         WILLIAMS, George Lloyd -
Died from eating over-ripe watermelon. He developed diarrhea and died after 4 day illness. Carye and Frances ate the melon too, but they did not get sick.   

         WILLIAMS, Thomas Jefferson -
He brought one of the first threshing machines to Franklin County and lived on the same farm 9 miles east of Ottawa for 43 years.   

         BAKER, Evan Shelby -
He was a Civil War veteran.   

         WILLIAMS, Nellie Elva -
She burned to death. She was sweeping the floor and threw dirt into the stove. Her dress caught on fire and she ran outside and was burned fatally. It happened while her mother was helping in the fields.   

         WILLIAMS ? -
Died in infancy.   

         WILLIAMS ? -
Died in infancy.   

         WILLIAMS ? -
Died in infancy.   

         HICKMAN, Malinda -
She died of dysentery.   

         TUSTISON, Charles Joseph "Pete" -
United States Army 1958-61.   

         SHERER, George -
He died young.   

         SHERER, Mary -
She died young.   

         IRICK, William Everett -
He died in infancy.   

         IRICK, Elizabeth -
She died in infancy.   

         SHERER ? -
Died as an infant.   

         PINNELL, Curtis -
He was gored by an enraged bull and died soon after (1929).   

         BABER, Exie -
She died in a train wreck with her mother.   

         SHERER, Leander -
He served in the Civil War.   

         WILLIAMSON Unknown -
The sex of this child is unknown.   

         BOYER, Jimmie Alan -
He died of injuries received in combat. He received 2 Purple Hearts, the Bronze Star Medal for Heroism with the First Oak Leaf Cluster and other medals of service.   

         BOYER, Walter -
There is some question about this name. He is believed to be the youngest son of Lavina Sherer Boyer and perhaps died as a child.   

         MAYFIELD, Jacob -
Died in infancy.   

         MAYFIELD, Mildren -
Died in infancy.   

         MAYFIELD, "Baby Brother" -
Died in infancy.   

         CLINE, Julie -
Died of dysentery.   

         CLINE, Andrew -
Died of dysentery.   

         DYSTRUP, Ella Grace -
She represented the United States at the Olympics in Antwerp, Belgium in August 1920 and took 3rd in the hammer throw.   

         CLINE, Frances -
Died in infancy.   

         HICKMAN, Merritt Eline -
Died in a bulldozer accident.   

         ELLIS, Albert Stanley -
He served in WW I and received 5 battle stars.   

         MARTIN, George Henry -
He died of cancer. Shortly before his death he said he could hear the angels singing.   

         BRYANT, Edith May -
Died in infancy.   

         MARTIN, Oscar Henry -
He was a logger, farmer, raised black foxes & chickens, worked for the railroad, mined in Nevada and ran a slaughter house for 6 years.   

         MARTIN, Franklin Vernon -
He died of a heart attack while trying to save his son from drowning.   

         MARTIN, Martha Jane "Mattie" -
She died of typhoid.   

         KEMPER, Charles Grover -
He died of throat cancer.   

         PARKER, Clara Augusta -
She died of heart attack.   

         SMITH, Alfred -
He died of diphtheria.   

         KILLINGER, William Edwin -
During WW I he bought a Liberty Bond for each of his employees and received a citation from the President for having the first business with every employee having a Liberty Bond.   

         SNYDER, Deborah Rae -
She died in infancy.   

         HAYES, Effie Belle -
A descendant of President Hayes.   

         LAWRENCE, Henry Betts -
Obituary Date: 16 SEP 1962 Trenton Sunday Times-Advertiser.   

         BARWIS, Carlotta -
Obituary Date: 23 JAN 1957 Trenton Evening Times.   

         LAWRENCE, Richard -
Date: 8 OCT 1861 Enlisted in Civil War duty
Date: 15 SEP 1862 Promoted to Full Corporal - 1st Cavalry NJ Company "G"
Date: 3 NOV 1864 Discharged from war duty.   

         LAWRENCE, Charles Corlies Sr. -
Obituary Date: 2 OCT 1950 Trenton Evening Times.   

         JUSTICE, Florence May -
Obituary Date: 6 AUG 1953 Trenton Evening Times.   

         LAWRENCE, John Halstead -
He Never Married.
Civil War - Private Co G 29th NJ Volunteers
Date: 1900: told census taker he was a retired soldier.   

         LAWRENCE, Daniel -
He owned Keansburg Gardens and died of bronchial asthma.   

         MALLETTE, Eliza Amelia -
Obituary Date: 21 MAR 1928 Trenton Evening Times.   

         LAWRENCE, Jennie Slater -
Obituary Date: 17 DEC 1968 Trenton Times.   

         SHROPSHIRE, Joseph Ashbrooke -
Obituary Date: 21 MAY 1954 Trenton Evening Times.   

         FIELDS, William Jr. -
Architect in the firm William Field & Son in Brooklyn, New York.   

         LAWRENCE, Ella -
Obituary Date: 30 JUL 1962 Trenton Evening Times.   

         LAWRENCE, Beulah Heil -
Obituary Date: 28 JAN 1841 Trenton Evening Times.   

         RUSSELL, Harry C. -
Obituary Date: 17 MAR 1958 Trenton Evening Times.   

         SNYDER, Linda Marie Harvey -
Her natural father was Larry Drew Harvey who died in Vietnam.   

         ROOTE, Thomas -
The identity of his wife is disputed by most Roote researchers. It has been suggested that his wife's name may have been Elizabeth.   

         ROOTE, Jacob -
The name of Jacob Root appears on the list of Northampton 'freemen' in 1678.   

         ROOTE, Mary -
Other sources have her name as "Mercy". Mary (or Mercy) was one of those killed in the Deerfield Massacre of 29 Feb 1704 during Queen Anne's War. She was about 15 at that time.   

         HAINES, Hannah -
Her name may also be spelled "Haynes".   

         HUTCHINSON, John -
John was one of the group of Northampton residents who left Northampton about 1700-1705 for the new territory of Lebanon, CT. Most settled in the northern section, in what was called the Clarke & Dewey Purchase, and is now Columbia.   

         ROOT, Ebenezer -
Ebenezer and Sarah were 2nd cousins.   

         ROOT, Ebenezer Jr. -
He was a soldier in the French & Indian War.   

         ROOT, Jesse -
Jesse Root was a delegate to the Continental Congress from 1778 to 1783. He was Chief Justice of CT from 1796 to 1807.   

         SEARLE , Job -
He may have been born in 1741, not 1738.   

         ALLEN, Edith Elaine -
Now named Adkins.   

         KING, Sarah -
Her body was interred at 1798 Bridge St. Cemetery, Northampton, MA.
Epitaph for Sarah:
"In memory of Mrs. Sarah Clark Consort of Mr. William Clark who died Nov 25 1798 In the 75th year of her age 'My living friends when this you view, remember here is room for you.' 'Jesus can make a dying bed Feel soft as downy pillows are While on his breast I lean my head And breath my life out sweetly there.'"   

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