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Jonathan Michael Griffin - Maidstone Kent, England - wrote on September 1. 2010:
E-mail: jongriffin22 at
Hi, Im Jonathan, I live in the UK My dad is John Griffin, my Grandfather was John Charles Griffin LT Officer Royal Navy, My Grandma was Dorothy (Walton Maiden Name) Griffin.

We have recently discovered we had family in Dingle (Kerry).

Greg Griffin - Florida - wrote on August 31. 2010:
E-mail: g600203 at
My father was William Vito Griffin. He passed away in 1978. He was from Hatford, Conn. My grandfather was Vito Verizzi. I have a number of half brothers and sisters I would like to locate. I beleive they used to reside in the Lynn, Mass. area along with my two uncles. My dad married a nice lady named Sandy shortly before he passed on. They bore a sister of mine (who I'm also trying to locate) named Kristen. Last I heard they were in the state of Arizona. Can anyone give me a hand in my search?

Lex Hickman - Wisconsin - wrote on August 10. 2010:
E-mail: akaxel6 at
I am looking for information on the Hickman Sherer family reunion held in August somewhere in Illinois

Leslie Griffin Russell - Raytown Missouri - wrote on August 3. 2010:
E-mail: lrussell at
Trying to find information on my great great grandparents: my name is leslie griffin, my fathers name is Leslie Stephen Grfffin and my grandfather was Paul Brisco Griffin and great grandfather is John Ivy Grffin (wife Lillie Mae Atkins) I am having a difficult time finding John Ivy Griffins father I know is his name is James and he married an Alice but need there info and what there parents names are..... thank you

Bryan R Griffin - Missouri - wrote on July 10. 2010:
E-mail: brgriffin72 at
Great grandson of Andrew Jackson Griffin, his father is Samuel I believe. Any additional info would be appreciated.

Rebecca - Wisconsin - wrote on July 10. 2010:
E-mail: jobepete at
I am looking for information about Sherman Griffin, sister Betty Griffin Perry. High School: Erskine Academy, South China, Maine

Melody Griffin Burnette - Louisburg, NC - wrote on July 1. 2010:
E-mail: odienow1 at
Grandfather was Roger Griffin from Louisburg area.

Mike Kosidlak - Los Angeles - wrote on June 16. 2010:
E-mail: mikekosi at
Looking for information on Earl 'Red' Griffin. b.1921 and had red hair. He came out to CA through Louisville, KY and was racing cars in Los Angeles area for a while in the 1960's. Any information on Red would be appreciated.
I believe he married out here in Los Angeles too.

Devonne Stirsman - Western Ky - wrote on June 6. 2010:
E-mail: devonne.stirsman at
This is going to sound weird, but I had a long ago online friendship with a man by the name of Todd Cas Griffin, from Ashland Ky. We lost touch and now his email no longer works. I would really like to find him. He's probably in his 30's now, I'm 28, we were friends for years and I've been looking everywhere online trying to find him. I'd just like to know he's alive and well really. Is there anyway, you can help me? Is this the same Griffin bunch? Thanks,

Isabelle Robitaille - Montréal, Canada - wrote on April 20. 2010:
E-mail: isabelle.robitaille at
I'm doing a PhD on Montreal lawyer Frederick Griffin (1798-1877) and his book collection. I know that he married Jane Posteous (1805-1828) in 1823 but I don't think they had children. His brother Henry Griffin (dates?), a Montreal notary had children. Their father was Robert Griffin and his mother was Mary Carr. I looking for their descendants and if they have family archives and photographs.

Thank you for your help,
Isabelle Robitaille
Rare books curator
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec

S Batts - wrote on April 19. 2010:
E-mail: rosenthorn at
I'm a descendant of Horatio Griffin and Elizabeth Cutts, through their daughter E.A., or Eve Amanda, or Amanda Griffin (name varies on census). I'm trying to find out what happened to Amanda and Elizabeth post Civil War. I'd be particularly interesting in finding the burial place of either. Thanks.

Peggy Gaerig - Michigan, USA - wrote on April 11. 2010:
E-mail: gaerig at
Hello - my grandfather was John J. Griffin, born 1873 in West Flamboro, Ontario, Canada (Roman Catholic) - his siblings William and Minnie never had children of their own - their father was Timothy Griffin, born 1839, presumably in Canada; Timothy's father was Thomas - there is record of several Griffin families in the West Flamboro/Hamilton, Ontario, area, but most of them are not Roman Catholic - any information or direction on my particular line would be greatly appreciated -
Thank you

Cindy Banks - Georgia - wrote on April 2. 2010:
E-mail: sassy4212 at
I am trying to find out more info on my great granparents that settled in
Mississippi.His name was Grover Elihue Griffin.He was born 2-9-1886 and married
Annie Josephine Brumfield.She was born 12-1-1889.They were married 2-17-1909 and had 9
children.If anyone has any info please respond.Thanks

john michael griffin - Somerset England - wrote on March 15. 2010:
E-mail: rosaleengriffin at
John G born 1948 Somerset son of Leslie Alfred G born Plymouth circa 1905.Father Alfred Griffin born Truro Cornwall one of three brothers. I would like to contact desendands of my great uncles. One moved to London area circa 1920 and established GRIFFIN's DAIRY. I have photos of Alfred and my father Leslie as a child and infant.

Christina Marie Griffin - Jackson, Tn - wrote on March 15. 2010:
E-mail: twinkletwinkle1986 at
Hi am trying to research my family tree. My mother's name is Janeice Ann Griffin. Her father's name is George Albert Griffin. After he and my grandmother, Sharon K. Edwards, divorced, he disappeared. All I know is that he was born about 1942, his grandmother's name was Nora Griffin (she helped deliver my mother). My mother 'thinks' he was from CA, but she was born in KS. I also have his SSN. If anyone has any info or thinks these names ring a bell, PLEASE contact me. Thank you very much

Rosaleen Griffin - West Midlands England - wrote on March 10. 2010:
E-mail: rosaleengriffin at
Hello to all the Griffins out there. My name is Rosaleen Griffin & my dad was Denis Griffin from Tralee Co. Kerry. He had a number of brothers including Gerald, John, Danny. He came to England in the 40s and married a byrne who originated from Co. Kildare. They had seven little Griffins and we all still live in The West Midlands.

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