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Karon Harvey - Scottsbluff, NE - wrote on March 6. 2010:
E-mail: kharveyne at
My great grandmother was Kate Marthaellen Griffin; she had a sister named Lenore (Nora) Griffin. The girls were reared in the Orphan Asylum in Westchester County, NY. They were born in 1863 and 1865. I think their mother's name may have been Catherine. The girls were sent west on an Orphan Train to Maquoketa, Iowa in 1876. Nora returned to NYC in 1880 where she worked as a nurse. Does anyone know early history of these girls?

Joseph F Griffin Jr - Cumberland, Rhode Island - wrote on March 5. 2010:
E-mail: griffer1 at
My grandfather, John Griffin, came to Rhode Island from Cork in the late 1800's. My Father, Joseph F. Griffin, Sr. and I were born here. In 1950 the Griffin family had a cousin from Ireland visit us by the name of John Corcoran. He stayed a few days then continued to California (I think Daily City) where he settled. In 1950, this cousin looked about 45-50 yrs old (I have a few old pictures). Any information on either of these families would be appreciated. Many thanks.

Samantha Griffin - USA. - wrote on February 25. 2010:
E-mail: redheadmidget16 at
Hi. My name is Samantha Griffin and my father is James Griffin and my grandfather is Bill Griffin. I'm just looking for family. We live in Tennessee now but my dad says he's from North Carolina.

gary lynn griffin - carrollton,ga. - wrote on January 23. 2010:
E-mail: glgriffin25 at
just looking for some family history

Ben Griffin - Tipperary, Ireland - wrote on January 11. 2010:
E-mail: benrgriffin at

Monica Griffin - United States - wrote on January 4. 2010:
E-mail: monie2112 at
great grandchild of Frank and Elise Griffin

Robin Griffin - Connecticut - wrote on December 30. 2009:
E-mail: rwrrgrif at
Recently learned of a marriage between Charles Leroy Griffin Jr and Dorothy Paim Griffin. They may have had a couple of children. I am desperate to find these children. There father left Massachusetts in 1954 never to be heard from again. Charles Jr's parents were Charles Sr and Doris Myreck Griffin. If you have any information please reply

JEREMIAH LUKE GRIFFIN - Alabama - wrote on December 4. 2009:
E-mail: rodney_griffin at
I would like to meet more of my family.
Wetumpka, Montgomery, Tallassee, Luisville Alabama.

Rodney Griffin - Kentucky USA - wrote on September 24. 2009:
E-mail: rodney_griffin at
If you are across the pond, The British Isles, write me and I will tell you what I know about the Griffins here in the states, your age unimportant. I am related to a Greenberry Griffin from Maryland 1773-1847, I am looking for his parents who I believe to be Greenberry Griffin Sr and Mary unknown. I know very little beyond that except he was a schoolteacher, so his parents were well educated for their time. I await your letters.

Thanks in advance,

Rodney Griffin

Louann Griffin Ackors - Kansas - wrote on September 9. 2009:
E-mail: lackors at
I'm a Griffin from Topeka Ks. Looking for Griffins from everywhere. Have lost touch with alot of my family.

Lawrice Griffin - South Africa - wrote on August 21. 2009:
E-mail: lawriceg at
Related, grandparents Laura and Robert Griffin

James Kenneth Griffin - Massachusetts - wrote on August 11. 2009:
E-mail: kgriffin at
I am the son of Leo J. Griffin, Jr. (2/27/1919 -8/13/1992), grandson of Leo J. Griffin (3/3/1892 - 12/13/1965), great grandson of Patrick J. Griffin (born in Ireland around 1869 - died 9/30/1952) and great great grandson of James Griffin of Ireland. James Griffin's wife (my great great grandmother) was Debora Curnane also of Ireland. I am uncertain where my Irish roots were but I believe it may be somewhere in County Roscommon. Patrick married Mary G. Flanagan in Ireland before relocating to Boston around 1890. Mary's parents were James Flanagan and Bridget Horan and she had at least one brother, Peter Joseph Flanagan born May 25, 1872 in County Roscommon.

Elisabeth Nieuwhof - PE, Canada - wrote on June 28. 2009:
E-mail: bb_ventures at
What a great website you have created. So much information and all the photographs. What I especially enjoyed about your site were the biographies of the family members. This was not just names and dates, but real people. Great job, well done.
Best wishes and greetings from P.E.I.

Daniel Griffin - hawaii - wrote on June 26. 2009:
E-mail: countrybum at
I was just looking for some insight on how many griffins there are. Plus i was looking to see how many i am actually related too?

William Albert Griffin IV - Odenville, Alabama - wrote on June 4. 2009:
E-mail: Firetaz9964 at
Just looking for answers to some geneolgy. I am interested in Koonrod (coonrod-conrod-conrad-kuhenrod-kuenrod) - Griffin lineage. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Maybe in Georgia. Koonrod may have worked under a man named Griffin and took on his last name, circa 1840's-1860's. Thank Yo8u, William Griffin

Shona Griffin - Australia - wrote on May 18. 2009:
E-mail: brittanythgmail.
I can't believe just how many Griffins there are! It's astonishing really. My Grandfather John Griffin was moved to the Midlands UK (Where I was born) when he was very young; but he came from a village I only know as Nantyffachland in Wales. I don't know where it is or even if that is the correct spelling. I do know you have to be careful how you pronounce it, it always gets a giggle :-)

Harry Anderson - Tennessee - wrote on May 11. 2009:
E-mail: madras68 at
Some time ago, almost a year now, I came across your site and know that in the Griffin family there mention of, John Anderson. Can you possibly give me any information on John Anderson from Pulaski County, Kentucky? Thank you so much.

christopher wayne griffin - United States - wrote on May 9. 2009:
E-mail: clancaster at
My name is christopher wayne griffin; I have a brother named timothy wayne griffin. Our father's name was Jerry griffin. He was half choctah indian as his grandmother was full blooded choctah indian and his grandfather had the surname griffin and I think he was from wales and he married a choctah indian woman. I want to trace my lineage back to the choctah nation if possible. any ideas?

Jeffery Martin Griffin - Washington State, USA - wrote on May 2. 2009:
E-mail: mrjmgtiffin at
i am Jeffery M griffin. i dont have a lot of information about my family. my dad is Merlin John Griffin jr. then his dad Merlin John Griffin Sr of corse. his father was Martin Griffin and his wife was Grace Griffin. i do know he was in the calvery and came to washington state with them. i would like to trace it back as far as possible due to i am first gen on my mothers side and she is from lester England. part of the mcintyre clan.

Ken Buckland - Australia - wrote on April 13. 2009:
E-mail: kbu37010 at
My name is Ken Buckland , I am the grandson
of Louisa Buckland nee Griffin she was born in England in 1884 aprox. . She emigrated to
Australia in 1912 on the ship Gothic . She had
three sisters Alice, Lottie and Sophia we think.
She was born in the east end of London thanks
for the opportunity to post this message

Sue Morgan - Arkansas - wrote on April 12. 2009:
E-mail: smorgan777 at
Looking for any information about my GGGrandfather. Lafayette Griffin married to ? Fairsay. He was born in 1865. Maybe in Arkansas - not sure. She was born 1861 in Arkansas. Had 4 children - James Frank (my great grandfather), Milton, Thomas, and Maggie. James Frank was born in Sidney, Sharp Co, Arkansas.

Ryan Griffin - Arizona - wrote on March 29. 2009:
E-mail: ryananddanya at
Hi im Ryan dont no the griffin history.

Kate Wright - New Zealand - wrote on March 10. 2009:
E-mail: katebill at
Looking for any information on John Joseph Griffin born about 1845 City of Cork, Cork, Ireland. He died in Napier, New Zealand 1920. His parents were Thomas Griffin and Catherine Burns

Bruce Griffin - Maryland - wrote on March 9. 2009:
E-mail: md_flash at
GREAT JOB on this website!! Looking for Griffin links in upstate New York; Franklin, St Lawrence, Clinton, Jefferson Counties. John and Mary Griffin came from Ireland, I don't know what part, to Fort Covington, NY around 1825 with their son, Michael, my GGG grandfather. The section of Ft Covington that they had settled in became Bombay, NY around 1833. They were farmers and many of their children were farmers, I think dairy farmers. John and Mary's kids were John S., Delia, James Henry, Daniel, Mary Ann, Michael Malcolm born between 1841 and 1859. My GG grandfather, James Henry, married a Mary Etta Hall from Long Island, NY in 1868. They ended up going to the Chester, PA area around 1875, and later settling in Monmouth County, NJ by 1890. My G grandfather William S was born in Norwalk, CT in 1868, and my grandfather, Charles Allen in Eatontown, NJ in 1893. Please let me know if any of these names fit into any of your families !

Brinda Tustison Lobato - Lakewood, Colorado - wrote on March 8. 2009:
E-mail: lobatobrinda at
Catherine Hickman and George Washington Tustison were my great-grandparents. My father was also George Washington Tustison, son of Arthur Tustison, I am a member of DAR, with all necessary geneology required to join, back to John Jacob Scherer, and Jacob John Scherer, both father and son served two terms in the Revolutionary Army. I'd be happy to help fill in gaps if I can.

Rick Griffin - Newport News, Virginia - wrote on March 3. 2009:
E-mail: hardredhead at
Hi Phillip, I'm Rickie D. Griffin. I'm responding to your post of June, 11, 2008, on a Griffin website. My Father's family also are from Nash country N. C. His name was John Jerome Griffin,( married Martha Idella Gurganus, of Onslow, N.C. in 1944), as was my grandfather. how married Lucille Jones, I believe in Nash County too. My father was also from a family of five boys. Listed from first born, Julius Carl,("JC"), Raymond Earl, John Jerome ,Marvin Ray, LeRoy. All passed except one, Marvin Ray Griffin, now in Gordon, Texas. I too am trying to trace back, just a beginer too. Prehaps we can work together, we have to be related, would love to find out how. I now live in Newport News, Va. and still travel to N.C. all the time to see family.

You can call me at 305-401-4888 cell or 757-244-8228.

My mailing adress is 5915 Andrew Place, Sussex Hiltion, Newport News, Va. 23605

Hope to heart back from you soon. Rick Griffin

Steven Griffin - Georgia - wrote on March 2. 2009:
E-mail: stevengriffin2 at
Looking for any info on a Thomas and Thankful Griffin both Born around 1803 in North Carolina, Both Died 1885 and 1886 in Tennessee. Kids were:

Eli F

Everything stops with the two anyone that has info beyond them Thanks in advance

Kelli Griffin - CA - wrote on February 26. 2009:
E-mail: kmgriffin06 at

My name is Kelli Griffin and I am the great grand daughter of Thaud Sr. and Lela Hammond Griffin of Kosse, TX. I have a lot of information about my great grandmother's side of the family but not of my great grandfather, the Griffin's. If anyone can point me in the right direction of how to track the family lineage from TX that would be most appreciated.

Best Regards,
Kelli Griffin

Ricardo Griffin - Colorado Springs, Colorado - wrote on February 11. 2009:
E-mail: ricardogriffin at
My Great granfather's name was Frank James Griffin, my Greatgrandmother's name was Matilda, my Grandfather's name was John Thomas Griffin born july 14,1876 in Macon, Georgia. Have picture of my grandfather from his passport, he was an Accountant and Radio Technician, but no information about an in Alabama and Louisiana, their last names were Strickland. Any info. out there?

Ronda Wilson - Texas - wrote on January 26. 2009:
E-mail: bondabonda at
I am the great granddaughter of St Elmo Clark. I have info and pics I can share with you.


Benjamin Wayne Griffin - Vancleave, Mississippi - wrote on January 24. 2009:
E-mail: bbbagriffin at
My name is Benjamin Wayne Griffin.I live on the old Griffin Property still owned by the griffin Family.I'm tring to track my family tree from Vancleave back.Anyone who can help please do.

James M Griffin - Hampton, Ontario, Canada - wrote on January 7. 2009:
E-mail: jamesgriffin at
The bulk of my family are from Northern Ontario

Bryan Griffin - England - wrote on December 31. 2008:
E-mail: bryan.griffin at
Starting to research my family and came across your website. This branch of Griffins originates in Leicestershire, around the area of Lutterworth.
Would appreciate any info.
Best regards, Bryan Griffin.

Marianne Griffin - Cincinnati, OH (formerly LI, NY) - wrote on December 29. 2008:
E-mail: mgriffin at
My great-grandfather, Allen LeRoy Griffin, Sr., born circa 1899-1900, claimed to have been adopted by a preacher / farming family in VT or NH. Said his mother could not keep him and his siblings, and that his father was a French Canadian fur trapper who did not support the family. Had a sister named Pearl, as well as another sister or two. As a result, we dont know if "Griffin" was his surname, or that of the adopted family. Our family tree is a stump! Does this story sound familiar to anyone? Do you have any lost adopted waifs in your family history? This site is awesome!

James Joseph Griffin - wrote on November 22. 2008:
E-mail: griffjim at
I have good history on a Griffin line going back from the present in Santa Clara, CA to April 12,
1912 in Chanute, KS when my grandfather, Frank Burr Griffin married Rose Christina Feld, daughter
of Katie Rensing Feld and William Henry Feld. My grandfather's parents were Hattie Alice and Calvin
Willard Griffin. My grandfather told me that his line of Griffins came from Illinois by way of MA, and
beyond there from over the pond to what he called 'a Duke's mixture' of Irish, Scot, Welsh, and Dutch.

Dennis Griffin- Philadelphia, Pa - wrote on November 12. 2008:
E-mail: d_griff07 at
Looking for any information on an allowishus Griffin. Wifes maiden name was Branigan i believe. Both migrated here from the dingle peninsula. Thanks.

Dennis Griffin- Philadelphia, Pa - wrote on November 11. 2008:
E-mail: d_griff07 at
Okay i have learned my Grandfather was Ignatius Griffin from the Dingle Peninsula? in Ireland.

James Griffin- Massachusetts - wrote on November 11. 2008:
E-mail: moojpg at
I'm James Griffin, Father, grandfather, great grandfather, all from MA.

kameron ladonna griffin - wrote on October 24. 2008:
E-mail: kamkam7g at
hello. my name is kameron griffin. i love history. but i want to know if my family has history in the sons of liberty and the free masons.

Rodney Griffin- Hancock County, Kentucky USA - wrote on October 12. 2008:
E-mail: rodney_madison at
Great site!!!! If you are related to Greenberry (Greenbury) Griffin 1774-1847, please write at my email. i am trying to locate his parents, thought to be from Maryland. Keep up the good work!!!


Charles Griffin- Orange Co, CA - wrote on September 29. 2008:
E-mail: pillboy67 at
I am Charlie son of Duane son of David son of Henry son of William son of David D. Griffin born in Decatur Co, Indiana. Please contact me if you have any information about David D. Griffin or wife Permelia Johnson born in KY. (Married 12/14/1841....


Keith Barkalow- WI - wrote on September 28. 2008:
E-mail: kbarkalo at
Am looking for Barkalow history.

judy boyd hendricks- claremore,oklahoma - wrote on June 18. 2008:
E-mail: msljudy at
i am trying to find anything about my ggrandfather, patrick henry
griffin. all is know is that he was born abt. 1849,rumored to be from county cork, he died
1889 in ft. worh, texas, usa. he is buried in a catholic cemetery there. he may have
had a sister or mother by the name mary because there is aan empty burial space for
mary next to him. he married a hannah thompson and had one son, patrick henry
griffin born 1888. anyone out there PLEASE HELP! thanks, judy

Phillip David Griffin- Nash county, N.C. - wrote on June 11. 2008:
E-mail: pgriffin8 at
my interest in the family tree is just beginning to sprout. I've only
gone back to this point to the Civil war era where 5 of my gr, gr, uncles (all
brothers) participated in the war and all returned. The geographic location above is where
my grandparents and parents were born and raised.

Harry Anderson- Tennessee - wrote on June 9. 2008:
E-mail: madras68 at
I came across your site and know that somewhere in the Griffin family
there was mention of a John Anderson. Can you possibly give me any information
on this John Anderson from Pulaski County, Kentucky? Thank you so much.

hayley - wrote on May 22. 2008:
E-mail: hayley.stewart75 at
i am looking for any relations to alice griffin(my maternal grandmother)
she was sent to bessboro unmarried mother home in cork IRELAND1947
and had my mother mary philomena griffin march 5th 1948 and went to england
sept 1949 and left my mother in a convent in hammersmith....

any information would be really appreciated...

kind regards hayley

Kenton G Griffin- Louisville KY - wrote on May 16. 2008:
E-mail: griffamly at
My line of the Griffins hail from Wales, through upstate New York, the
Canandaigua area. My immediate forefathers are from NW Ohio. I have not had good
luck attempting to research backwards, out of Ohio, but am very interested in doing so
if anyone has a line on information.

Thanks for hosting this site!

Tommie Griffin- Akron, Ohio - wrote on May 10. 2008:
E-mail: oddgriffin at
Looking for family of John Frederick Griffin Sr. originally from St. Joseph, Missouri and born in the 1920's. i understand he was from a large family there and he moved to Ohio in the 1940's

dee- Madison co Illinois - wrote on May 2. 2008:
E-mail: newattitudes2 at
Very nice info my direct line is Via Frederick II son of Frederick I and Barbara Smith. Frederick II married Margaret Clapp a double decendant of John Ludwig Clap and Anna Maraget Strader.

Talitha Scherer married 1st Absolum Lee Harkey and 2nd in 1851 to Godfrey Stiefel....... these folks lived in Hillsboro and Litchfield , Montgomery co Illinois. And my GG grand who I also have dual relations with Sarah Ida Stiefel married Isaac Newton Brokaw in 1876 they both buried at Elmwood cem Litchfiled, Ill. Thier son Harry is my fathers grandpa and thier daughter Essie is my moms grandma. Essie married John Barnett and Harry married Ballie Davis. My parents are Larry and Janice (Tolley) Evans.

Sincerely Densie

Dennis Patrick Griffin- Philadelphia, Pa - wrote on April 3. 2008:
E-mail: d_griff07 at
Hello all, This is a great website and as well i am looking for family. Got a few Griffins here in my area. My grandfather was John Griffin from Philadelphia

Kim Settlemoir- Indiana - wrote on March 9. 2008:
E-mail: meme46149 at
I am not a Griffin, however I am searching for family members of the late English Griffin or Cassie L (Reed) Griffin. They were married 3-4-1961 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Mr. Griffin was a very close family member and when he passed he left his estate to my grandmother. My grandmother has since passed and I have a few personal items that I think his family may be interested in having (especially those interested in family history).

Please contact me by e-mail

David W Boman- Tulsa, Ok, - wrote on February 21. 2008:
E-mail: dboman52 at
Hello all! Like most people here I am looking for family. My grandparents were Elihew (Elihu) and Elizabeth Brown Griffin. My gt. grandparents were Oscar Edwin ( born 1875 in Clarksville Ark)and Mary Josephine Turner Griffin. My grandparents were Grace Griffin Boman (born 1897 in Clarksville Ark) and Elbert Jackson Boman (born 1882 in Gadsen Al). Grace's sibs. were Ralph Edwin, Lelia Ann, and Arthur A. Griffin.

If any of these names ring any bells I'd love to hear from you.

Tracey Brown- British Columbia, Canada - wrote on February 3. 2008:
E-mail: tadey11 at
My maiden name is Griffin and was just playing around on the internet and came across this site. Am trying to hook up with other Griffins that may be part of our family. I dont know to much about my dads side of the family except that alot of the men were all William James Griffin, his dad was and his dad and so forth etc etc. I also no that my grandfather was born in Wales.

Michael D Griffin- Arvada, CO. - wrote on December 2. 2007:
E-mail: m-griffin at
I enjoyed looking through the Griffin family tree. i am researching my geaneology.

Phil Griffin- Walsall, West Midlands, England. - wrote on October 14. 2007:
E-mail: Philmgriffin at
Great site, but as I was looking through I wondered has anyone come across a heraldic coat of arm for our surname?

Rodney Clark- Shreveport, La - wrote on September 17. 2007:
E-mail: rrc1862 at
My great grandfather was Francis Collins Clark.
My grandfather was Charles Ross Clark

I have just started research on the Clark side of my family. If I can provide any updates, I will do so in a couple of months.

Thank you for your web site.
Rodney Ross Clark

P.S. My daughter is Britten Ross Clark and my grandson is Wren Ross Clark.

Brema Griffin Casey- Battle Ground, Indiana - wrote on August 27. 2007:
E-mail: brema1975 at
He nice website!! Most of my family is from Reynolds, Indiana. My grandparents are Lloyd and Laura Griffin. It is so interesting to see how many griffins there are.

Terry Griffin- Ireland - wrote on August 1. 2007:
E-mail: terrygriffin at
Greetings to all the Griffins worldwide. Nice to belong to such a large clan. My family comes from Stranorlar, County Donegal in Ireland. The Griffin family motto is "Ne vile velis" (Wish for nothing vile). The earliest reference to an Irish Griffin that I can find is from 12th Century when one of our ancestors was tutor to the son of the High King of Ireland. Obviously we are a very intelligent family!

kellie j griffin reynolds- eufaula,ok - wrote on July 20. 2007:
E-mail: kelliereynolds9244 at
my fathers name is wayne griffin he has 11 brothers and sisters many were raised in savanna, ok and now live else where. my grandparents (his parents) names were bud and hettie griffin. if anyone knows any more, i would appreciate any info. thank you

Robert Hollinquest - wrote on July 12. 2007:
E-mail: essence_of_music at
It has recently come to my attention that my biological last name is Griffin. I was wondering where can I start looking to find my family history. This is on my fathers side. All I know of him is that he and his close family are in California. He died before I could meet him. If you can help me I would love it!

Annette - Co. Monaghan, Ireland - wrote on July 4. 2007:
E-mail: icky_micky_2000 at
Hi to all the Griffins. I'm Annette Griffin. I live in Co. Monaghan in Ireland. My Dad is from Dingle, Co. Kerry. There are alot of Griffins their. I have alot of relatives still in Dingle. If anyone thinks they know me or maye my cousins let me know.

helen griffin polson - wrote on June 14. 2007:
E-mail: hljpolson at
Good morning members of the Griffin Family tree!
I am trying to locate the Griffin members from my grandfather's family tree. His name was Harry Pearl Griffin, son of Jas (James?) and Rebecca Powell Griffin. He and my grandmother, Ruth Earnest, were married June 9, 1910. The Washington County Kansas courthouse marriage license has his age at that time to be 28 and his nationality registered as English. My grandparents met in Topeka where they may have both been working at the Topeka Industrial School. My grandparents had 2 sons, Matthew Murdy, that died as an infant, and my father, Harry Griffin who passed away in 1992. After a bitter divorce, around 1915, my grandfather was no longer heard from. I have attempted unsuccessfully over the last 15 years to locate information on his family. My family would love to believe he went on to lead a successful and happy life. As he came from the Topeka Kansas area, we are hoping there may have been other family members that lived close at the time.
Since my grandmother would not discuss the situation, we have virtually nothing to go on. Someday, I hope to make it back to Topeka to do a census search. If anyone has information I would surely appreciate it.
Helen Griffin Polson

Sandi Sullivan - Canada - signed the guestbook on June 8. 2007.
E-mail: sandi at
Great web site, a nice read!!!!!

kate griffin - England - wrote on October 27. 2006:
E-mail: kategriffin1995 at
I am a griffin and i am 10 nearly 11, I THINK THIS WEBSITE IS REALLY COOL!

Sarah Griffin - massahusetts - wrote on October 18. 2006:
E-mail: sgriffgb at
are we related?

Griffin - Sydney - wrote on September 25. 2006:
E-mail: jgriffin at
My family came from Ballarat Victoria

EDITH RACHEL GRIFFIN NOW SHIMER - - wrote on September 21. 2006:
E-mail: edith_shimer at

Kay Herman - Wakarusa, Kansas - wrote on September 17. 2006:
E-mail: pkherman at
Thank you for a great site. Catherine Hickman Tustison is my g,g,g grandmother. Your bio on her mother Catherine Sherer Hickman has great importance to me, because it discusses her expertise in fiber arts. I have in my possession a woven counter pane that she and her daughter Catherine made. I'm sure it was for Catherines wedding trunk as the subject matter is George Washington and she married George Washington Tustison. The coverlet is in very nice condition and I value it greatly. The weaving and colors are exquisite. It was given to me by Charles Cornelius Tustison's daughter Florence Ethel Tustison Stoll a few years before her death.

Kevin Griffin - norfolk uk - wrote on August 14. 2006:
E-mail: creg1985 at
My great grandfather was called Regionald Griffin and came from S Irland to Southampton in about 1820 and traded as a taylor.
I would be interested to hear from anybody who has come accross him in their research.
Kevin Griffin

James - - wrote on August 8. 2006:
E-mail: saxoniwoman at
I am looking for my birthmother ELEANOR E. GRIFFIN.
She was married to my father James Patrick Lynch between 1945-55. I do not have more information, my father died in 1977.
Unfortunately my mother left our home but she is married twice. We lived in Jersey City until 1955.
I would like to know if she is still living and whether she lives in Jersey.
And would like to know if she has siblings who have childrens who could be my cousins or other relatives.
Probably Eleanor is born around 1925 ...
I would be appreciate if somebody has anything on Griffin line in Jersey or anywhere.

Edwin Crouch - Tennessee - wrote on August 4. 2006:
E-mail: ECCOINS at
Looking for information on Mary Elizabeth Price of Kentucky. She married my great=grandfather, Cornelious King Griffin, in Dickson County Tn in the middle 1800's.

carol erb - - signed the guestbook on July 16. 2006.
E-mail: c-erb at

Alyssa Griffin - Calgary, AB - wrote on May 30. 2006:
E-mail: alyssag at
This information is all very cool. I am a Griffin but I'm not sure if we're related. I have been wanting to do a family tree and history of the Griffins. This is a great resource. Take Care!

fredrick jack griffin - alabama - wrote on April 11. 2006:
Just thought i would say hello to every one

Ciara Griffin - Ireland - wrote on February 27. 2006:
hi my name ciara,
just thought i'd check out this site.... i'm 13 by the way!!

Ciara Griffin - Ireland - wrote on February 26. 2006:
Hi my name is Ciara as you can see above!!
I'm 13 at the moment.
I just decided to look up on my family tree!!
Anyone here from Ireland?
Anyone who thinks they know me just sign the guestbook and write a note to me!!!

Rodney Brown - Minneapolis Mn - wrote on January 5. 2006:
E-mail: rabrown58 at
found the web page looking for information on Rebecca Ifter. She is my great mother on my fathers side. Her daughter Claire married Donald Brown. They had four children, Binford, Janet, Joyce, and Kent. Binford is my father. Grandma Claire passed away in 1992 but Grandpa Don will be 100 yrs young in August '06

Judith Smith-Ross - Washington State - wrote on November 19. 2005:
E-mail: tweetie13 at
Barbara WHITE and Isaac JULIEN are my great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents. I see that you have only one JULIEN listed. If you wish more information on the JULIEN family, feel **** to email me. Thank you. Judith

Jeffery Ressel Griffin - Salem Oregon - wrote on October 29. 2005:
I'm Calling from Saipan

Beth Carnes - Michigan - wrote on October 20. 2005:
E-mail: Bethanacol at
My great grandparents were John A. Griffin (1866-1913). And Mollie J. Bailey Griffin (1867-1944) Both born in Georgia. Children:
Ben Hill b. 1892
Ruht Edna b. 1894
Walker Avery b. 1899
Viera b. 1901 All born in Georgia. Walker lived in California. He was married at one time. His wife's name was Betty. Hoping to meet cousins. I have lots of pictures of Walker's family. And some pictures of people I don't know. Any help would be greatly appreciated in finding my cousins. You have a very nice web site. Thanks.

Gareth. James. Griffin - Somerset, England - wrote on October 1. 2005:
E-mail: Gazzer2002_8 at
Hi, it's nice to see that someone has the right mind to find there family!

Barbara Griffin Kagy - Washington - wrote on September 29. 2005:
E-mail: kagy at
Looking for a Moses Griffin from MA and also a Gilman Griffin, b 1806 in MA with family of Rebecca w, Henreitta, d Syvlvanus. s, George, s. Harrison s, and Theodore b 1856 s. Possibly in Sommerville, Ma. Want to know Gilman's and wife Rebecca's ancestry. Moses possibly father. No proof.,

vince griffin - pennsylanania - wrote on September 29. 2005:
E-mail: vince.griffin at
looking for any member of griffin family from germantown section of philadelphia pa 1930-1960 time frame

barbara nell griffin willett - marshall,arkansas - wrote on September 22. 2005:
E-mail: baur726502001 at
My great-great-great- william dabbs griffin looking for any infro. on him and his family

Jonathan Lowell Griffin - Kerrville , TX - wrote on September 14. 2005:
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hi are their any griffins out there i have not met?

ART GRIFFIN - newport, Vermont - wrote on August 27. 2005:
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searching for William E Griffin born 1856 in Illinois
d. 1947 Pa. He was my great grt grfthr.
Any info would be great.

Beth Carnes - Michigan - wrote on August 16. 2005:
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Just surfed in to look for info on my Griffin Ancestors. Nice web site.

gabriel alberto walker gorichon - Santiago de Chile, South America - wrote on August 13. 2005:
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My origin is
William Walker with Anna Griffin Westy...
fathers of:
Simon Walker Griffin / Marianne Ashley MacDonald
Philadel˝phia married 1799
Father of:
Alexander Ashley Walker
Travel to Chile in 1830 married with Teresa Marinez
father of
Juan Walker Martinez married with Ana Valdes
Father of
Gabriel Alberto Walker Valdes
Father of
Gabriel Alberto Walker Walker Touze
Father of
Gabriel Alberto Walker Gorichon
is posible

Nancy Mattern - - wrote on August 9. 2005:
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My "Griffins" are mostly in the KS area. Clay, and Washington County is where most of them lived.

Jim Pollpeter - Chicago - wrote on August 5. 2005:
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I was looking at this website and I really like it. I'm wanting to start a website for my family tree. I would like to know if you did this web page by yourself or if you had help. If you had help to design the website, can you let me know who helped you? Also, what provider do you use to host your website? How are they?

Judy Legg - Colordo - wrote on August 3. 2005:
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I am a descedant of Jacob Daniel Scherrer via his daughter Hannah who married David Tade. I recently discovered family descendants of Catherine who married John Jordan.

Dorothy Vann - Livingston, Texas - wrote on July 29. 2005:
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I am a Williams by birth from Oklahoma but I may not be from this branch of Williams.

Alisha Nicole Griffin - south mississippi - wrote on July 6. 2005:
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I was interested in knowing who my ancestors were.

Melva Griffin Balesteri - salinas, ca - wrote on June 30. 2005:
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Just looking for information about Gordon Griffin and Isabelle Howard.

hixon - Spain - wrote on June 29. 2005:
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Looking for Hixon┤s

Beth Carnes - Midwest - wrote on June 28. 2005:
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My great grandparents were John A. Griffin and Mollie Bailey Griffin. Both born in 1867 in Georgia Chldren I know of were
Ben Hill lived in Georgia
Ruth Edna lived in Georgia and florida
Walker Avery lived in Georgia and California
Viera lived in Georgia
The family lived in Calhoun and Dougherty counties in GA. Have hit a brick wall. Would appreciate any help.

Lee Griffin-Scott - australia - wrote on June 26. 2005:
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Great site. Wondedering if there is a link. Maiden name Griffin. Father William Ian Griffin, Grandfather Frederick WIlliam Griffin. Dont have anymore info than that.

michelle griffin - california - wrote on June 25. 2005:
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My name is Michelle griffin and I am looking for my family tree. I was born jan 8 1971. my mothers name is jane helen ogden and my father is michael andrew griffin. my dad was born in oklohma

Ruble Allen Shuff - colorado - wrote on June 24. 2005:
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Just to let you know to update the records for my family. I married Cathy Marlene Rhoades on May 5th, 1997. I have 3 daughters Echo Mystique Shuff born April 4th, 1994, Shelbi Raine Shuff born June 5th, 1996, and Madesyn Nellie Shuff born December 16th, 1997.

Mary E. Alexander - near Nowata, OK - wrote on June 9. 2005:
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I am the widow of Charles Malcolm Alexander. He was the son of Muriel Louise Alexander (Smith). Mureil was the fourth daughter of Lillian Evangeline Walker and Phillip Marian Smith. Charles M. Alexander and Mary Elinor Greene (my maiden name) have five children: Charles David Alexander, John Phillip Alexander, Candace Louise Alexander, Joyce Helen Alexander and William Kelley Alexander. I can extend the family for two more generations of younger ones if you would like me to.
My daughter-in-law, Michelle, who is the wife of William Kelley Alexander, is looking for evidence of our Cherokee ancestry as well as her family. Muriel used to tell me that her grandmother was a full-blood Cherokee. I don't know what her grandmother's name was and if, in fact, she really was a full-blood Cherokee. Thanks for your information. Mary E. Alexander

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