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Linda Queen - Washington State - wrote on July 10. 2004:
E-mail: Linda.queen2 at
Researching - Scherrer family connections.
My GGgrandfather Hermann Scherrer pioneer in town of Dunsmuir CA.

Patricia Kay Herman - near Topeka, Ks - wrote on July 9. 2004:
E-mail: pkherman at
I am a grand-daughter of Florence Ethel Tustison Stoll

Jerome Lee Griffin - Morristown, TN - wrote on July 9. 2004:
E-mail: j_romeo_2000 at
i was just looking for anyone who may be related. My father's name was Clifford N. Griffin I think his Dad was Carl Griffin. My dad grew up in Greenville , TN. If anyone has any information please contact me. Thanks

Paul M. Williams - Joanna, South Carolina - wrote on July 8. 2004:
E-mail: threekoolkats at
I am searching for information about Martha Griffin. She married Samuel Nichols. These were the parents of Lois Velma Nichols. Lois married John Paul Brown . They had a daughter , Katherine Irene Brown. Katherine married Benjamin Franklin Williams. I am Ben And Katherine's Youngest child. If you do have any information on Martha, it would be appreciated very much. Recently I was very seriously injured at work. I started trying to trace my family tree. I would be grateful for any help. Thank you, Paul williams

Wendy Chapman - Florida - wrote on July 8. 2004:
E-mail: dark_rogue73 at
My Mother is a Griffin. I am researching Griffin's from New York/Nova Scotia/Maine

Misty Adams - Bakersfield, CA - wrote on July 8. 2004:
E-mail: everythingszin at
I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. I am back once again in the hopes of tracking down a wonderful girl I lost track of several years ago. Her name is Mistty Adams, and the only clue I have found so far is that her and her family are listed on this sightby her mothers maiden name, shuff. If anyone is in contact with Misty, her twin sister, Nicole, or her brother Trevor, please forward my contact info.
steve carpenter

Mary Ann ( Griffin) Reed - Michigan - wrote on July 3. 2004:
E-mail: mareed at
do any of you have any conection to a Elmer Ellsworth Griffin, or Mary Ann(Showers) Griffin..These two any family were in Luce County. Pentland county, Michigan in 1920 census. the births and deaths are as follows. Elmer b.7/1865 d.2/21/1934.
(wife) Mary Ann(Showers) Griffin birth 7/7/ 1874 death. 5/4/ 1927 i am looking for any help i can get if you are not ,or don't know these folks sorry for brothering you .
Thanks Mary Ann ( Griffin) Reed

William T Walker - Gulf Coast of Alabama - wrote on June 30. 2004:
E-mail: tim.walker1 at
Just surfing around - looking for Walker ancestors. I am particularly interested in William J Walker, born 1845 in Fort Valley Georgia, civil war soldier, wound up in Alabama, died in Citronelle Alabama. any help would be appreciated.

Kayleigh Griffin - Nebraska, USA - wrote on June 28. 2004:
E-mail: battakappu at
I hope this site can help me with my research. I'm trying to trace my family history.

Carolyn Ware - Ashland, KY - wrote on June 27. 2004:
E-mail: cansware at
I have been studying the McMcMillan information with great interest. I am a descendent of Col. William McMillan (married to Elizabeth Frame - not France). I would be interested in your McMillan connection and also have several other additions and corrections to that data that might interest you.

Art Griffin - Newfoundland, Canada - wrote on June 23. 2004:
E-mail: art at
I've only had luck tracing my dad's family tree back two generations. Dad was an orphan and we can't get the family tree off the island of Newfoundland. There's a link to our tree on our webpage. I sure would like to find a connection to England/Ireland.
Your tree looks like the result of a lot of hard work. It was fun looking through what you've done.

John Peter Griffin - Lake Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - wrote on June 17. 2004:
E-mail: John at
I some how stumbled across this site. I would like to know my family tree also. This gets me to wishing you had asked more questions when my parents where alive. I was looking for my fathers name Hobart Curtis Griffin born in Chicago IL Dec. 13 1910 he was the youngest of 5 children. I remember Papa told me my grandpa use work at The Midnight Frolics in Chicago. I also remember Papa said his Mother had TB and had to stay with his Uncle Andrew in a tent, on his dairy farm in Rush City Minnesota. Papas oldest sister Margery Griffin (I don’t know how to spell her name) was the last to die of all his brothers and sisters. She lived in Canada and her son invented something that made the pictures from when we went to the moon, come through clear. Hugo and Papa (H. Curtis as he called himself) had the fastest sail boat on Lake Michigan, the “Tar Baby”, it was first 7 years in a row in the Chicago to Mackinac Island race. If anyone has suggestions on how to find more about my heritage it would be appreciated.

Cindy (Reeves) Little - Greencastle Indiana (U.S.) - wrote on June 15. 2004:
E-mail: alittle at
I stumbled across this site while researching my Charles A. Reeves family. After Charles' death, his widow (Mary Ann Hunsaker), married Charles W. Kemper. I was looking for Mr. Kemper's death information (sometime prior to 1920).

Stella Jennings - tx - wrote on June 15. 2004:
E-mail: hjennings at
Just wanted to let you know your site is wonderful. I happened across it looking for Griffins in Georgia, but these are not the Griffins I am looking for. Thank you for all your hard work and the ablitily to share all of this.

Patricia (Griffin) Purves - Sarnia, Ontario, Canada - wrote on June 12. 2004:
E-mail: ppurves at
My family emigrated from Leicester, England in 1956. We have an extensive Griffin Family tree collected and wondered if we had a link somewhere.

Gaile Griffin Peers - UK - wrote on June 11. 2004:
E-mail: with at
Hi - Fascinating site - I fully expected to find a relative - but my Griffin ancesstors left Wales around The Domesday book and settled in Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Oxfordshire as the website I have entered above shows (if you click on the griffin button). Good Luck with your "collecting".

Chelsea Challis - Stanfield Oregon - wrote on June 7. 2004:
E-mail: c_chubs at
I stumbled across this webpage by accident. I'm Scott Challis' daughter. I was really suprized to find my family on this tree!! Holy cow! anyhow, if you want my name on this thingy someone give me a hollar!

Clark S. Scherer (Grandson/AT Scherer) - Greenwood, Indiana 46142 - wrote on June 7. 2004:
E-mail: csscherer at
Congratulations; this is a great websight.

steve carpenter - bakersfield, CA - wrote on June 4. 2004:
E-mail: everythingszin at
Hello All, atleast you can say im persistant. I come here every other month or so in the hopes of tracking down a girl by the name of Misty Adams, Jane Misty Adams. She has a twin sister named Nicole and a younger brother, Trevor. They seem to be listed on this site because of the moms maiden name i think, which is Shuff. Anyways, if anyone is in contact with any of these wonderful people, please have them come here and get my contact information.
Steve Carpenter
7909 kroll way, bakersfield, ca
661 664 9200
And like our great Governer, Arnold would say,
I'l be back

Darlene Williams - NJ - wrote on May 24. 2004:
E-mail: msdargo100 at
I saw the WILLIAMS name & came to take a look. Mine are from England >NJ (1908). I'm sorry to say, none are mine.

Dick & Sharon Menk - Illinois - wrote on May 22. 2004:
E-mail: dic2putt at
Husbands family from Dudly, IL. and Grandview, IL. area.

james griffin - - wrote on May 11. 2004:
E-mail: griffinmonster at
hey im a griffin too . i just always wanted to know what kind of ethnic background i had like german dutch or spanish

Michael L Griffin - Pretoria - South Africa - wrote on May 8. 2004:
E-mail: michael at
Busy researching my family tree (also Griffin) and was delighted to find this site. Have only just started going through it and am impressed with what I have found!. Any tips on where to start would be a great help!!

norbert bautsch - Deutschland Hessen Fulda - wrote on April 29. 2004:
E-mail: nbautsch at
Hallo bin durch zufall auf eure seite gekommen und hätte gerne gewußt wo her die familie Bautsch kommt .schaut mal auf meine homepage ..... viele grüße norbert bautsch aus fulda

Carolyn Lewis - Ohio - wrote on April 23. 2004:
E-mail: lefthandedgenius2000 at
Great site!!!!!!!!!!!
Am looking for ANY information on Midleton Barkalow or daughter Lavina May. Lavina was married to Earl A. Harris and she died in 1924
She was my biological grandmother

KAY BLAKE - OKLAHOMA - wrote on April 23. 2004:

Linda Frazee Quick - - wrote on April 20. 2004:
E-mail: jlquick2164 at
Looking for a connection for my ancestor Hezekiah Frazee
born in 1758, location unknown. Linked to Thurman Frazee, and possibly others in Penn. Any info would be appreciated.

Louise Stroder - Southeast Missouri - wrote on April 20. 2004:
E-mail: bstroder at
No connections, but an interesting site.

lee noon - scotland - wrote on April 20. 2004:
hi there,
I was just browsing today, and came accross your site. some really interesting stuff on it. one question, though. I take from some of the information, this site is based in you have any information on the Noon family in Scotland. Any info would be helpful

Bruce - New England - wrote on April 19. 2004:
E-mail: brusie at
searching for a connection to the Sawyer Family, Mass, NH and VT.

Shirley - CA - wrote on April 19. 2004:
E-mail: sjs1 at
I am searching for information on the Walker family who settled in Scotland Co., Mo ca 1860/70.

James Griffin - North Carolina, USA - wrote on April 18. 2004:
E-mail: southern_gentleman_24_nc at
I have an interest in learning about my family. my dad is James Kenneth Griffin . That is all the Griffins i have ever known as his dad Ken Griffin left town when he was a baby. Ken was from Rural Hall, NC as was his entire family. his dad was Clifton Griffin, and before him was Julius Griffin. There is a local family cemitery here with Griffins all the way back into the early 1800's-late 1700's. If you can help me with my reasearch, please contact me.

Kathy Curtis - Oklahoma - wrote on April 13. 2004:
E-mail: kittykat at
Researching Griffins of GA & AL

Elisabeth Griffin Zwolanek - - wrote on April 13. 2004:
E-mail: lmnoz at
Hi! Not sure if we're related or not. I am the daughter of Robert E. Griffin, Jr (married Teresa Bohren). His father was Robert E. Griffin Sr (married Helen Martin), and his father was Jesse James Griffin (married Milina Prochaska). That is as far back as we know, unfortunately. I didn't see any first names I recognized in your database. If anyone knows anything about Jesse James Griffin, I am really stuck and I would love a clue to keep me encouraged to keep searching!
Please e-mail me if you would like my complete family tree as far as I know it, if it might help you in your search.

Mark Winkler - Ohio, born and raised in Wisconsin - wrote on April 9. 2004:
E-mail: mark.winkler at
Any Wisconsin Winkler connections?

Tammy Dallman - Redmond, WA USA - wrote on April 8. 2004:
E-mail: tammy_dallman at
Wow, great content! I'm a descendant of Solomon Scherer and Mary Gooding.

heid tiell - ohio - wrote on April 5. 2004:
E-mail: ilovelinus2003 at
My mother's mother was juanita griffin. who is the daughter of clarence griffin who is the son of george d. griffin. hoping to find some more information.

Ross Sherer - Louisville, KY - wrote on April 4. 2004:
E-mail: rosssherer at
Although I am a Sherer from Ohio, I doubt we are cousins - unless it is through ancestors in Alsace, France. I didn't find the source of your Scherers in your web site, but mine came over in 1847 to Stark County, Ohio. You have a very fine web site - hope mine is as nice when I get it up and running.

John Price - Dunedin, New Zealand - wrote on April 1. 2004:
E-mail: john.barb at
Hello there!! It would seem we are distantly related. I came across this page while searching for my great, great grandfather Edward Price who married a Nancy Jane Bowersock (Bauersachs). [The browser linked up through the German page and the placename - "Memmelsdorg, Bavaria, Germany" I was looking for.] You have some of his and her family names but I need to spend a bit more time reading the details to confirm we are on the same track. The links are not there yet, but the photos of the Price family certainly make me feel I am on the right track. Nice website. The Prices have a history of good design. I'm an artist myself and look forwards to meeting family if the links prove to be there. I'm also from Wyoming so that's an encouraging sign. I'd love to share any info with you and others on the same trail. To that end I'll search the guestbook for past references. Regards - from NZ

DuAnn Lee Gunnarson Webb - Wisconsin - wrote on March 31. 2004:
E-mail: GramDuAnn at
I was searching for other ladies named DuAnn and your family tree was one of the hits. I was born in 1945 and named after my father Dwaine. I have enjoyed having a unique name. I would love to hear how your DuAnn got her name.

KEVIN HYATT - SACRAMENTO, CA - wrote on March 28. 2004:

sinead griffin - worcestershire - wrote on March 25. 2004:
E-mail: naid100 at
i am 12 at the moment. i want to find out more about my great grandad william keneth griffin. i unfortunatly had a short relationship with him as he passed away not long after i was born. if anyone is in his family or knows him please contact me with more information. thankyou!

Betty Griffin Woodard - Memphis Tennessee - wrote on March 23. 2004:
E-mail: bwoodard at
I am looking for infomation on my GGF, Asa James Griffin who was born in NC on 8-30-1831. He married Leah Jackson Baines(b 3-13-1836 in AL). They moved to MS & later Lauderdale Co. TN. They are buried in Eureka Cemetery in Haywood Co. TN.

Rollin Becker - Pacific, MO. - wrote on March 20. 2004:
E-mail: rollinbecker at
My grandmother's family stems from griffin family. Her mother was
Sarah Jane Griffin whose father was Richard Fisher Griffin. I'm
looking for info before 1799.
Rollin Becker

Rhonda Galbreath Pitts - South Carolina - wrote on March 19. 2004:
E-mail: ethan at
Hi, Just researching the Galbreath family tree and came across your site. Do you know any Galbreath's in S.C.? I'm just getting started and was not raised with my Fathers family so any help would be great. thanks
Rhonda Galbreath Pitts

lillian rreichardt - Texas - wrote on March 15. 2004:
E-mail: lreichardt at hot
my mother was Maud E. Griffin Sept 22, 1888 her father was William GriffinSept 4,1842 in Niles , Michigan His father was Oren Griffin b 1807 in New, York and His father Was Amos Griffin.My grand Mother wife of william was Mary Ann Rebecca Estes b. Oct 18,1849. I have old family Bibles from both sides of family. I find in the one fro the Estes line a name Thadeous Gossett and do not know thw conection. Rebecca Mother was Mary D Deuease Oct 16,1818 and her father was Benjamin Estes .Dec 12,1815. T Gossett is listed under births Nov15,1845 just above Mary Ann Rebecca Estes???????????

Joyce Graham France - Ohio now living in FL - wrote on March 15. 2004:
E-mail: Joyafrance at
I am looking for Information regarding Ott Graham, I have been told by family members that my Great Grandmother Tina Burcham was married to Ott around 1904, and had 2 children, my grandfather, Alta and his brother, Lawrence. They divorced ?? and last known Ott was living in Arkansas. I have not been able to find any information on Ott, the only thing I have been able to find out about him is that he and my great grandmother married around 1904 no date for divorce she then remarried in 1906 to a James Mannon.
If you have any information on Ott Graham, please notify, I would appreciate it.
Thank you,
Joyce France

Jim Griffin - Los Angeles, Ca. - wrote on March 14. 2004:
E-mail: griffin_jim at
Just looking for a bit of family history, checking to see of my Griffin clan is an offshoot of this one...
I'm not sure...

Gary Meredith - Hart Co./Edmonson co., Kentucky - wrote on March 13. 2004:
E-mail: gmeredith01 at
I am just in the initial stage of my back ground search.
Good luck with yours.

Suzanne Bourne (Nee- Barwis) - Adelaide - Australia - wrote on March 12. 2004:
E-mail: dolphinsong8023 at
Hi , nice web page , i was looking to see if carlotta is an ancestor of mine but but cant tell as you have no other info is there not a chance of you e- mailing me further info regarding carlotta's origins please.
Suzanne Bourne

Catherine "Cathy" Knoop - Asheville, North Carolina - wrote on March 12. 2004:
E-mail: cathymknoop at
Hi!!! I was just surfing the net and came across the website! I'm John H. Knoop, Jr's daughter--he's the son of John H. Knoop, Sr. and Mary "Angel" Knoop--we migrated south in 1987 but used to live in Troy. Thought I'd say hello!

LILLIAN REICHARDT - WACO TEXAS - wrote on March 10. 2004:
E-mail: lreichardt at hot

William Thomas Griffin - Georgia - wrote on March 2. 2004:
E-mail: w26001g at
Looking for my grandfather "John Lee Griffin" Had 2 sons and a daughter. Left when children were very young. My fathers birth date is Dec. 1 1923 in Abbeyville Alabama. Any information would be of a great help

Jennifer - North Carolina - wrote on February 27. 2004:
E-mail: Maeve7_ at
Looking on information on Griffin's of Spalding and Fulton County Georgia. I am not sure where they were before that. Line: William Griffin, (not sure but wife was Labonia),Henry Parks, Kitty Ellen. Please e-mail me if you have any information. Also, Henry Parks Griffin married Rebecca Starr.

norbert bautsch - deutschland - wrote on February 22. 2004:
E-mail: nbautsch at
hallo schaut doch mal auf meine Homepage ..............
lieben grüß aus deutschland von noerbert bautsch

Herb Griffin - Birmingham, Alabama - wrote on February 18. 2004:
E-mail: threelogs at
Searching the Spencer & Elizabeth White Griffin of VA, KY, SC and Alabama. Hopefully, on this very nice site, I will connect with cousins, whether from those who went on to Texas or before.
Herb Griffin

Delores Tutor Ashworth - Fairview, Sanpete, Utah - wrote on February 14. 2004:
E-mail: delores at
I descend from John Griffin and Mary Hoag.

Ruth Sickles, Marcine - Ocean County, NJ - wrote on February 14. 2004:
E-mail: ruthsrescue at
My great, great, great grand parents were Hannah Hulsart and Elias Sickles. They are buried in the graveyard surrounding the Old Brick Church, Marlboro, New Jersey.
Anyone else from that line? I would like to know my cousins.
Elias Sickles m. Hannah Hulsart
William R. Sickles m. Margaret K. Brower
Tunis Statsir Sickles m. Susanna Chinery
Frederick Sickles m. Edna Mae Walling
James Edward Sickles (m. Mary Ruth Doby) b.1919 d.1943 Sgt. WW II, 82nd Airborne, Glyder Division - First uniformed soldier killed from Monmouth County, New Jersey during WW II. He is buried in Green Grove Cemetery, Keyport, New Jersey. (my father)

Doris Davison Ryan Parry - VT - wrote on February 11. 2004:
E-mail: hugh.parry at
Was interested in the Barcalow family and dropped by. My ex-mother-in-law was Alice Barcalow of Cranbury, NJ. Her father was Forman Barcalow and mother was Ada Applegate Barcalow. All are deceased now but am trying to do genealogy on the Barcalow/Applegate/Ryan families for my children and grandchildren, nieces & nephews. Thought maybe you may have had some info on them.
If so, please let me know.

michael henning griffin - cumbria - wrote on February 10. 2004:
E-mail: michaelhenninggriffin at
alexander brent griffin is my dad we are from south africa

Samuel Griffin - Britain - wrote on February 9. 2004:
E-mail: sgriffin at
Hey This is cool it has the same surname as me!!

Debra (Boyer) Sanders - Northern Illinois - wrote on February 8. 2004:
E-mail: mrygo99 at
I have to say I'm blown away that my father's family is part of your Family tree.
My father is Floyd E. Boyer.
You are missing an aunt of mine on the list.
You have my birthdate off by a day.
It's incredible. WOW.

marlyn scrimgeour (griffin) - ajax ontario - wrote on February 7. 2004:
E-mail: teddy1999 at
i am the grandaughter of peter john griffin (decased)
and the daughter of harold francis griffin (decased)

kelliegriffin - whichita,ks - wrote on February 7. 2004:
E-mail: www.kelliegriffin at
Hi i am kellie.

carmen - Alabama - wrote on February 4. 2004:
E-mail: cchristensen44 at
I was born and raised in Florida. My research is mostly FL, GA, SC,NC.VA. Don't think I have ancesters in Alabama.

James M. Griffin - Charleston, SC - wrote on January 22. 2004:
E-mail: Jmgriff53 at
My family of Griffin's (according to traditional folklore) came to the colonies between 1700-1760 arriving at either Yorktown, VA or Gosport (Portsmouth, VA) and settled in a fishing town of Oriental NC and spread from there. Interested in any Griffin connection.
Alternate e-mail:
Alternate e-mail:

Craig Griffin - Dorset, England - wrote on January 22. 2004:
E-mail: crgriffin at
Does any one have any information about my family roots, maureen Gibb (my Grandma) married jimmy griffin and now i have that name, but as hes dead i want to know my history, plz email me, im 16 by the way cheers

Billy Todd Griffin - Paju City, South Korea - wrote on January 20. 2004:
E-mail: billytodd3824 at
I am stationed in the army only a stones throw from North Korea. I am very proud of my Griffin heritage and try to find out as much as I can, when I can. My great-grandfather was Sherman Griffin who married Sally Bratton. I was raised in Searcy County, Arkansas.

connie jerry griffin - california - wrote on January 19. 2004:
E-mail: bigdaddylive at
who are my folks

E-mail: SEANLISAg14 at
hi im trying to find any one who can help in tracing my grandfather family his name was benjmen griffin ,married to minie day from melbourn ,england my grandfather family ,came from ireland .had 5 sons called [ john , herbie, george,charlie,ron,and one daughter called,renie,john my dad was born on1,1,1931 in islington london i think the rest were born in melbourn england my name is sean griffin 12,7,67. any foreign cousins out there.

Kathryn Woodard - NH - wrote on January 15. 2004:
E-mail: klutz at
Looking for James Griffin of Somerville Mass, married to Hannah Foley. Parents Maurice and Ellen Griffin of County Kerry Ireland

MaryAnn Nicholson - Texas - wrote on January 14. 2004:
Thanks for your information on the Root(e)/Alvord families!

Michael Straagaard - Denmark - wrote on January 11. 2004:
E-mail: michael.straagaard at
Hi, i´m just wondering if i have any relatives i the US. My grandfather is NIS STRAAGAARD from sydjylland (southern jutland, died 1963) and my grandmother is PETRINE STRAAGAARD (still alive). My great grandfather is Jacob STRAAGAARD from Rødekro i southern Jutland( died 1944), and was married to Johanne Bothilde (died 1973). The STRAAGAARD family in Denmark, have a museum in Kliplev, Southern jutland regarding the STRAAGAARD family.

Glenda Wright - Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada - wrote on December 23. 2003:
E-mail: glendaw at
I love your web site. Most of the Walker and Price pictures look like they came from my own collection. I have many more photos of the Price / Walker families. I descend through Clarissa F. Walker and John Franklin Price. I have been able to add so much to the descendants of Septamus and Julia Griffin. Sorry but I need to correct the label on one of your pictures. You have a picture of John Franklin and Clarissa F (Walker) Price BUT it SHOULD BE - Veazey William and Mary Evelyn (Walker) Price. I have a very extensive record on the Price / Walker / Massey families. I will be glad to share my reocrds.

Janee Hicks - Kansas - wrote on December 17. 2003:
E-mail: janee_hicks at
Enjoyed your site--John T. Price, son of Leander Hixon Price was my grandfather.

Jessica Griffin - Kenner,La - wrote on December 15. 2003:
Like to look at my family generations

Ione Pomeroy Cook - Syracuse, Kansas - signed the guestbook on December 9. 2003.
E-mail: ionecook at

Deb Hanna - New England - wrote on December 7. 2003:
E-mail: dsoderhan at
Looking for Jonathan Griffin, b 1820 in Greene Co., NY. He is in 1850 and 1860 NY census in HArpersfield, Stamofrd PO, NY..with wife Deborah Ann, chlidren Julian, Charlotte, Byron and Florence E. He is in 1855 NY State census too...he owned land in Harpersfield...occupation listed as harness maker, carriage maker in 185, photography in 1855 and peddler (we think..hard to read) in 1860. He moved with family to Meriden, Ct. between 1860 and 868. He died in 1868...wife and daughter lived on in Meriden. Wife's maiden name was Durfey..she was supposed to have been born in Delaware Co.

Carolyn Dexter - kentucky/ United States - wrote on December 4. 2003:
E-mail: cjdexter at
I am researching Family history on Hixon/Hixson. Gr-Granfather was Timothy Hixon. he was born In Tennessee and moved to Indiana. He Fathered about 20 children by 2 different wives. Can you help? Will be glad to share what I have. I have lots of info on Hixon/Hixson. Thank you
Carolyn Dexter
My email address is:

Mildred Stouffer - Arkansas - wrote on December 2. 2003:
E-mail: Mstouf at
Descendent of Cornelius Hickman

Stuart Massey - St Louis MO - wrote on December 1. 2003:
Checking for links to my Massey's and other family branches.
Thank you for posting your site and not charging a subscription to access it!

Ruth Sickles - Ocean County, NJ - wrote on November 30. 2003:
E-mail: ruthsrescue at
Elias Sickles and Hannah Holsart are my third great grand parents. To see their headstones, go to your search engine and type in DISTANT COUSINS. Once there, type in Sickles and it will give you their listing. They were Dutch Reform and are buried in the Old Brick Church Cemetery, Marlboro, NJ.

Griffin - Kempton Park. South Africa - wrote on November 30. 2003:
E-mail: griffine at
Who was the first Griffin's in South Africa.

gerald griffin carney - new england - wrote on November 27. 2003:
E-mail: jeds50 at
Just looking , to find a possible connection

Selwyn Gossett - Jacksonville, FL - wrote on November 25. 2003:
E-mail: runotsure at
looking for Gossett lineage info - my grandfather was Ruben Wright Gossett, life-long Army Cavalry; his father, James M.C. Gossett fought in the Civil War

Mike Griffin - Texas, (San Antonio) - signed the guestbook on November 22. 2003.
E-mail: mikeg at

Ken Ayers - middle Tennessee - wrote on November 19. 2003:
E-mail: kenayers1957 at
Very nice website. I have enjoyed viewing it.

vonice griffin (rathel - orlando, fla - wrote on November 17. 2003:

Diane - Sacramento CA - wrote on November 15. 2003:
E-mail: dede7552 at
Got here thru the Maddox Root Cellar page...I am connected thru Jane woodall/maddox's sister Narsisa Woodall. I was hoping to find a clue about my Price family brick wall. Nice've really worked hard on it and it shows.

Janet Sweeney - - wrote on November 15. 2003:
E-mail: sweeneyjanet at
I don't see the parents of Susan Blinn. I have this information.
Email me if you want this information

Harry Degermark - Moerfelden, Germany - wrote on November 12. 2003:
E-mail: hadgrmrk at
Merle Evelyn Degermark died on 22 July 2002 in Lacey, WA

Marjory Byrne - Kentucky - wrote on November 11. 2003:
E-mail: mbyrne6 at
I am doing research on Griffin families in Kentucky, Jefferson county. I am interested in connecting with anyone researching Edward Wayne Griffin who married Sarah Jane "Jennie" Mitchell. Their son, John Dennis Griffin, was my grandfather.

June Holmes - Australia - wrote on November 2. 2003:
E-mail: corrigin at
I am tracing 5 Griffin brothers who travelled from Cornwall, England, to USA in late 1880's. Their names were Samuel, James, Charles, Martin and Jonathan. They first settled in Colorado, but after marrying they moved to various States. I have traced all descendants of Samuel but not the other brothers. I know who they married and the names of their children, although not birthdates. Three of the sisters married and travelled to Victoria, in Australia and one of them was my Great-Grandmother. Her name was Elizabeth Griffin (b.1854) & she married Michael Thomas Snr & they settled in Australia in 1887. They had many children but only 3 survived to adulthood and one of them was Michael Thomas (my Grandfather) Jnr who married Mary Warren 19 July 1910 in Arizona, USA. They had one son (in Jerome) & then returned to Australia. I have not had any luck in any of the search sites except for one Census which listed Martin, his wife Clarissa and their children.

Andrea Reeder - Clarksville, TN, originally Nashville,TN - wrote on November 2. 2003:
E-mail: AndreaReeder at
Hi, I ran across your webpage and find that I am related to your Payne family. My ancestor is John Payne brother to your Thomas Payne Sr. Nice to have ran across your page!!

Ruth M. Sickles, Marcine - Ocean Co., new Jersey - wrote on October 31. 2003:
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Elias Sickles and Hannah Holsart are buried in the Old Brick Church graveyard, surrounding the church, in Marlboro, New Jersey. They are my 4th great grand parents.
Ruth Sickles, Marcine

John Griffin - Southern California - wrote on October 31. 2003:
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Interested in JOHN & HONORA (GARVEY) GRIFFIN family who lived in San Francisco, 1880-84. Both were born in Ireland, 1832.

Heidi Griffin - Oxfordshire England - wrote on October 30. 2003:
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Just suffed in, great site load's of us Griffin's out there...We have a Richard Gordan Griffin,(aug 1972) myself ,Chloe Laura Valentine Griffin (feb 1996)and William Alec John Griffin, oct 1999) as well as in laws William Charles and Betty Jean Griffin...All from Somerset England ........keep up the great site and all the best wishe's from England

Phillip H. Pitzer - Partridge, Kansas - wrote on October 29. 2003:
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Very interesting web site. I noticed you have my brother Calarence Lee Pitzer in your records, how are you related, if you are? The web site I listed, I just got started and we are still working on it, hope more to come later.

Robert H. Cate - South Carolina - wrote on October 26. 2003:
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Morning! Looking for a William Nicholas Griffin wh is orginally from New Hamphire. Wife's name is Kari Louise(Harris). Actually looking for Kari's mother. She,my wife, and I were in school together in Tennessee, Name is Hildreth(Jill) and is 61.Havent seen her in about 39 years.
Bob Cate

Eddie Whitlock - Georgia, USA - wrote on October 21. 2003:
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My home town is Griffin, Georgia, founded in 1840 by General Lewis Lawrence Griffin. I'm interested to see if the national Griffin family association might be interested in having a reunion here.

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