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J Blackham - West Midlands England - wrote on October 21. 2003:
E-mail: blackhamr at
information on Griffin Shropshire or WolverhamptonI have a Griffin married a John Searle Wombourne Nr Wolverhampton

carol henderson - utah - wrote on October 20. 2003:
E-mail: carolhenderson2 at
I am kin

Jeniffer Ovatt - California - wrote on October 16. 2003:
E-mail: JLOCali at
Searching for family related to my great, great grandfather Henry G. Bier(Dec 30, 1866) from Germany to Russia, then Immigrated to America .

Shari Phillips Horton - South Carolina - wrote on October 13. 2003:
E-mail: sharuck at
I am back! After looking at the photo of Arthur Eben Williamson and Laura May Sims Williamson, I see a great resemblance to my grandfather, William Albert Williamson. Maybe his middle name was not Albert after all. I see so many Arthur Williamsons in this Williamson line. Wish I could pinpoint who my great-grandfather's parents were. Also his middle name.
Seem "H" runs through the descendents of my Williamson line.
Came from Monmouth, to Butlerand Hamilton Co. OH, then to IL, Macoupin and Madison, then to Effingham, DeWitt, Peoria, Stark Co. IL. Wish Someone could make a connection to my William who was married to Sarah Thornton Williamson Harmon.
Thanks again for a great site to explore.

Shari Phillips Horton - - wrote on October 13. 2003:
E-mail: sharuck at
Thanks for this genealogy site on the Willemsen family. I hope it will lead to my William Williamson who married Sarah Thornton Williamson in Edwardsville, Madison Co. IL , June 23, 1858. Trying to find who his parents were and what happened to this William. Believe he may be from line of Henry or David Williamson of Macoupin or Madison Co. IL. They came from Monmouth, to ButlerCo and Hamilton Co. OH, then to IL.
Thanks again,

Donna Price Feagans - Colorado - wrote on October 13. 2003:
E-mail: DonnaFeagans at
What a great site you have. All of the information was so helpful for me with my Price brick wall. Elias Price in St. Louis Co., Missouri is my GG Grandfather. I am so thrilled to have found your site! Thanks so much for sharing all the wonderful information!

Micheal D. Griffin - N.C. - wrote on October 12. 2003:
god bless your family and every Griffin of Irish blood ERIN go BRIGH "Ireland For Ever" O'Grabihta "son of a griffin"

Martin Griffin - Melbourne Australia - wrote on October 9. 2003:
E-mail: mawhera at
Gazing around the world looking up the family name.
Great site. Keep up the excellant work.
Originally from Westland New Zealand.

Bill Sundstrom - - wrote on October 8. 2003:
E-mail: wsundstrom at
Nice work. Thanks

jade colley - - wrote on October 7. 2003:
E-mail: jcolley2000 at
just checking if still here

Ken Griffin - Alaska - wrote on October 1. 2003:
E-mail: kwginanch at
My family migrated from Georgia to Texas after the Civil war. NOT related to Lewis Griffin who was the administrator of Georgia after the Civil war. My ancestors were schoolteachers in the area where Macon is now from the 1840s until the Civil War. Samuel Griffin entered America in 1837 according to our tradition, from Colhurst in Scotland. I've never been able to find such a place. We're Irish, but came over with the Scots. Another mystery.

Gary Schul - Kane, PA - wrote on September 20. 2003:
E-mail: gl.schul at
decendant of Veazey William Price and Jacob Hixon Price. Looking for information. Thanks

Shari Horton - SC - wrote on September 18. 2003:
E-mail: sharuck at
My grandfather, William A. Williamson, is believed to come from the line ofAert Williamson. William A. was born 20 SEPT 1860 in Alton, Madison Co. IL to William Williamson and Sarah Thornton Williamson. They married in 1858, Edwardsville, Madison Co. Sarah came from ENG on the Salor Prince with her parents, John and Elizabeth Thornton and siblings in 1848.
The children of William and Sarah were Lucinda (Luellen, Nellie) Williamson (Snell), William A. Williamson (M. Sarah Elizabeth Reynolds), Orpha A. Williamson (Doty), and George T. Williamson. I have tracked John Williamson and Daniel Doty from Monmouth, NJ to Butler Co. OH, then into Macoupin and Madison Co. IL. Some of the Williamson, Doty, and Thornton family moved into Stark Co. IL. I can't find my great grandfather after 1864, when the last child, George T. was born. He may have been killed in the CW, as the children were in Soldier's and Sailor's Orphanage in 1870 in Normal, IL. It is possible he and Sarah divorced. Would you have any connections to this family? My great grandfather, William Williamson, shows as being born in 1832 in IL. This is in the 1860 Madison Co. IL census. He may have been born in OH.
Thanks for any info you may have pertaining to this family.

henry joel blue - louisiana - wrote on September 14. 2003:
E-mail: default56 at
just looking at your site for connections

justin alton griffin - south georgia - wrote on September 10. 2003:
E-mail: payjustin180 at
griffin mania!!!!!!!

Mary Louise Griffin (Remlinger) - Long Beach, California - wrote on September 6. 2003:
E-mail: drlovecc2000 at
My father was Carl Rogers Griffin from Bloomington, Indiana. My great grandfather was Henry Griffin an evangilist from Indianapolis, Indiana. My father's brother was David Hurley Griffin and sisters, LaVerne (Vera) and Gwendolyn, mother was Mary Hurley. All from Indiana. We have a Griffin clan here in California and one still in Indiana!

Steven W. Hagstrom - Ft. Worth, TX - wrote on September 5. 2003:
E-mail: steven.hagstrom at
My father was Lloyd Edward Griffin, born in Minnesota on 07//31/1901. His father was Morris (Maurice maybe) and his mother was Mary Griffin, nee Williams. Just looking for information.

Royce Wayne Griffin - Rock Springs Wyoming - wrote on September 2. 2003:
E-mail: rgriffin at
I was just curious my parents are Myron Gene Griffin and Delma Sue Griffin my grandparents were Virgil and Helen Griffin just wondering if anymore info available

JAN GEIGER SLATER - stuart,fl - wrote on September 2. 2003:
E-mail: chergei at
just looking through.

David Whitsell - League City Texas - wrote on August 29. 2003:
E-mail: whitsell at
Tracing back family. My Grandmother was a Griffin in Shelby Michigan.

Eugene Hankerson - - wrote on August 28. 2003:
E-mail: 24Gene at
My name is Eugene Hankerson from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I am looking for my family history on the Hankerson's. I want to see how they came about, and search as far as possible. Feel **** to email me

krista k madigan - NY - wrote on August 28. 2003:
E-mail: kristakdinehart at
I am looking for my husband's family tree. I can only go back to a William Henry Delong and a Nettie Norris. Their daughter Bertha married Francis A Lee.

Brenda Taber - Illinois - wrote on August 27. 2003:
E-mail: igajohn at
I am a descendant of Albert Waters that you have listed. I was wondering if we are related and how?
Brenda Taber

Joseph Griffin - Wales - wrote on August 20. 2003:
E-mail: gjoegriffin at
Origionally from Greenock Scotland but live in Wales. A great site to see the Griffin family spread out throughout the world

David Arthur Payne - - wrote on August 17. 2003:
E-mail: payn5795 at
My grandmother was a Griffin born in KY. Owensboro 1884 buried in Memphis Tn. Great site. Wish I could get one going.

Daniel Holland Fulton - Philadelphia, PA and Southern New Jersey - wrote on August 15. 2003:
E-mail: dhebcfulton at
My middle name is Holland. Holland has been passed down for
many generations in my family. My father, grandfather, and great
grandfather are all named George Holland Fulton. I saw Ralph
Holland Fulton in family tree and was wondering if they have
any relation to my family from Philadelphia, PA and Southern
New Jersey.

Gary Droit - Illinois, USA - wrote on August 11. 2003:
E-mail: Gary at

Karen Cartlidge - Inwood, West Virginia - wrote on August 6. 2003:
E-mail: kcartlid at
Looking for history of Griffin (Griffiths) that migrated from Maryland to North Carolina and settled in Rockingham and Stokes counties.

Ralph Fulton Holland Jr. - Seaford, Virginia - wrote on August 6. 2003:
E-mail: rotten at
While searching the internet, I happened across this family geneology page and was amazed to find a Ralph Holland Fulton. My name is Ralph Fulton Holland Jr. Funny how names get turned around.

Ruth Kearns - AZ - wrote on August 5. 2003:
E-mail: rbk54 at
Veazey PRICE and Nancy Ann BARTON are my direct line ancestors, continuing down with Milly (Elle, Ellen, Eleanor) PRICE and William GRENARD. Happy to see the pictures of this family; sorry not to find a picture of Milly. Does anyone have share-able pictures of Milly PRICE and/or William GRENARD. I can supply some descendant information about Milly PRICE GRENARD.

Suzanne Griffin Harmon - Arkansas - wrote on August 3. 2003:
E-mail: suzanne at
Searching for long-lost family members! This is a very nice website. Thanks for allowing me to visit.

shelby jean griffin latham - ga. - wrote on July 28. 2003:
E-mail: lathj3 at aol.comga.
my,fathers,father name was maston franklin griffin born in bainbridge,ga.,he married anna bell harold they had five children,emett,andrew,franklin,bobby,and myrtel.maybe of some interest to your griffin clan.i had herd that four griffin men came to south carolina one went north,one went east,one went west,and the last one south

John H. Knoop Jr. - Durham, NC - wrote on July 28. 2003:
E-mail: jhknoop at
I am a decendent of Jacob Knoop. My parents are burried in the Knoop family graveyard in Troy, Oh.

Marie Reedy - Ohio - wrote on July 21. 2003:
E-mail: rreedy at
Great photos. I'm searching for the parents and siblings of 3 New Jersey Conover men: William, Samuel S. and Ralph R./Ralf/Rafe of Middlesex County, New Jersey. The men were born between 1811 and Sept. ,1816. William in Cranbury. The men are a plasterer , a blacksmith/ spring maker and a brick mason. They live in Newark and the Rahway, NJ areas between 1834 and 1838/39. Allied families: Snedeker, Warth, Weeks, Baumgartner, Bodine, Prall, LaForge. Several are buried in the Rahway Cemetery. William and Ralph R. are buried in Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana. I would appreciate any help. Ralph R. states he is Baptist in a Vigo history and his son states they are Scottish. William's death record gives his mother as Anna. J. Keer.

Curtis Clark - East Kentucky - wrote on July 20. 2003:
E-mail: clarkink at
Collecting Irick Family information.

Niki Griffin - Arizona - wrote on July 15. 2003:
I am descendent of Arkansas Griffin's. looking for relations of W.N. "newt", "Fate"Lafayette Griffin Newt is my gg grandpa and have not found any further back.

Christina Martin - New Mexico - wrote on July 5. 2003:
E-mail: ackirk2 at
My grandmother's maiden name was Griffin. She was married to my grandfather Willam Arthur Oden Sr. They lived in Dallas Texas, and she died in 1952. I am interested in finding information about her family background.

Gary Tustison - Houston, - wrote on June 28. 2003:
E-mail: gtustison at
Hi I have admired some of the Tustiosn & Hickman photos you have on your site. Is there a chance I could obtain an electronic copy of them?

Michael Kemper - Mannheim Germany - wrote on June 24. 2003:
E-mail: kempone at
Just found your Page, because of my Name...
Greetz from Germany...

Philip Griffin - PEI, Canada - wrote on June 23. 2003:
E-mail: pgriffin at
looking up the Griffin ancestors

Kimberli A. Griffin - memphis Tennessee - wrote on June 18. 2003:
E-mail: kagriffin at
My grandfather's name is Walter Griffin he lived in Memphis
Tennessee. He died last year 2002 at the age of 97. He was
raised in and orphanage. We do not have any record on his
mother or father, or family history because the orphan burn
down. If there is anyone who might have any information
please e-mail me.

Eileen - England - wrote on June 12. 2003:
E-mail: griffin907 at
Hi, came across the site by chance.Interesting.

David Leon Hickman - Billings, MT - wrote on June 9. 2003:
E-mail: zed_questar at
I am the elder son of Thelma Marlene Hickman.
My mother died on ovarian cancer January 15th, 2003, 5 days after here 53rd birthday.
I got married on May 11th, 2003, Mother's Day to honor her passing.
James Dean Hickman is her younger son of Thelma.

Sandye GilpinBlack - North Fork, California - wrote on June 7. 2003:
E-mail: SandyeGB at
Please email me! I need to know more about your Henry Oliphant!
I believe he is also mine.
Sandye :)

denise griffin bond - dorset, england - wrote on June 6. 2003:
E-mail: anything at
just browsing your site as i am interested in looking into my own branch of the griffin family tree

steve carpenter - bakersfield, ca - wrote on June 1. 2003:
E-mail: retnepracss at
hello everyone,
I kind of doubt many people read this but what the heck, I'm desperate. Several years ago, i met and fell in love with a very special girl. At the time I was going through my break up and devorce. Unfortunantly, I tried several times to get back together with my wife and in the process, lost this special girl. Her name is Misty Adams. Jane Misty Adams, and she has an identical twin sister named Nicole and a brother, Trevor. I have been tryinig to find her for many years and if anyone has any information on how she is doing or where she is. please email me at I would be forever in your debt.

G.E.Chase - Leeds County, Ontario, Canada - wrote on May 30. 2003:
E-mail: ganhist at
Helping someone researching Charles Griffin b. 1750 in Stratford, CT, christened in Derby, Fairfield, CT, s/o Jonathan b. 1691 in New Haven, d. 2 June 1773 Oxford CT.
They moved to Leeds Co. in the early 1800s.
Does anyone have this family and know who Jonathan's father is?

Jeana(Griffin)White - Meriden,Kansas - wrote on May 24. 2003:
E-mail: DeanaW at
Hi, My cousin told me about this site and I had visited a while back. I wanted to check it out again to see if anything had changed. I guess in 7 months it might of changed. We have just got another Griffin added to the family this month. Glad to have the site. Jeana White Meriden,Kansas

Magers Griffin - Southern Tenn. - wrote on May 22. 2003:
E-mail: mgriffin629 at
From around Fayetteville, TN. Just North of Huntsville, AL.

Susan Lloyd,nee Post - Blenheim,New Zealand - wrote on May 21. 2003:
E-mail: dslloyd at
Looking for the Post Family Tree. My grandfather francis Post ran away to sea from New York as a young boy and started the Post family in New Zealan
d. I have a copy of a Family tree that finishes in the 1920's. Panwell Van der Poest is on the document. Also there is reference to a Native American Indian called Uncas who we are supposed to be decended from. Any information would be gratefully received.
Thank you Susan Lloyd

Daniel Williamson - Burlington, Ks - wrote on May 18. 2003:
E-mail: tercel at
Hey Jeff,
Really cool web site. Was not aware that you were into genealogy. Neat to see someone else in the family interested in tracing our roots.
Cousin Dan

JOHNNY JACOB SHEARER - clarington , pennsylvania - wrote on May 15. 2003:
E-mail: bigjohn111399 at
looking for johannes scherer father of jacob shearer 1770
married to barbara heasley. northampton county,pa - lehigh county,pa -
westmoreland county,pa - armstrong county,pa
doesn't look like we're related.
thanks-john jacob shearer

Diane Hammons - - wrote on May 14. 2003:
E-mail: daydreamerbooks at
We are looking for a Griffin/Lawley family connection, probably Cherokee, in Oklahoma.

john campbell - usa - wrote on May 14. 2003:
E-mail: btlcamp at
I am looking for a margaret griffin.Margaret was born in the erly 1930s.She joined the us air force late 1940s.Margaret was a TI at lackland afb tx in 1950nd ws at lowry afb co in 1954.After 1954 all contact with Margaret was lost if anyone out there knows of her wherebouts please contact me.thank you very much john campbell

Melon - Belgium - wrote on May 13. 2003:
E-mail: jpmelon at
Searching for "Melon" on a search engine, I've driven to your site...
Didn't find any but I'm happy to having seen it. When my ancestor tree will be furnished enough to be interesting I'll probably create a site like yours.
Mélon J.P.

Lillian - San Francisco - wrote on May 12. 2003:
E-mail: cnc444. at
Am looking for Eugenia Griffin,Purportedly born in the 1840s-said to be from Georgia or Virginia

Dennis Bartholomew - Wisconsin - wrote on May 9. 2003:
E-mail: dmbartholomew at
See many of my Walker relatives listed in your tree.
would be interested in exchanging information and pictures

Alicia Olsen - Anchorage, Alaska - wrote on May 8. 2003:
E-mail: KnightallAk at
I'm looking for Information about Isabella Griffin who was married to Henry Howard.

Adam Andrew Griffin - Chester-Le-Street, Co Durham, England. - wrote on May 8. 2003:
E-mail: aag at
I have only just started looking to find out about my family tree an I hope this site will help.
hope the search finds something intresting about the family.

Martin - - wrote on May 7. 2003:
Hello There. I am a family histroian researching my English Griffin Family connections.
I have some 19th Century Ancestors living in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.
Best of Luck to all Family researchers out there.

Ron Griffin, Jr. - San Diego, CA - signed the guestbook on May 6. 2003.
E-mail: rdgriffin at

haehnel fernando - Argentina - wrote on May 5. 2003:
E-mail: ffedeh at
Good page!!!

Mary M. Lam - LaConner, Washington State, USA - wrote on May 1. 2003:
E-mail: mandjlam at
Researching my MAWHIRTER line. Grandmother Maggie Mawhirter Brown O'Leary born 1877 in Illinois to Sarah and James Mawhirter. James Mawhirter born in Ireland 1846 and his brother, Alexander who married Jane Harwood in New York, settled in St. John, Kansas about 1880. Found in 1880 and 1885 census. James and Sarah moved to Washington State living in Clallam and Lewis Counties. James died and is buried in Fern Hill Cemetery alongside his daughter Jenny in Chehalis, Lewis County, Washington. Sarah remarried a Stacy Challender and is buried in Sunset Cemetery, Chehalis, Lewis County, Washington. James and Sarah had 12 children and my grandmother was the oldest. Their children were: Maggie, Mary Ann, James, Allie or Alex, Susie, Bessie, Della, Mable, Jack and Roy. Do any of these names seem familiar? On James death certificate his father's name is given as Charles Mawhirter birthplace Scotland. One of Alexander Mawhirter's descendants, Gary Curtis, does not think that is the correct name. Mary Margaret

Maxine Chalfant - CO - wrote on May 1. 2003:
E-mail: Maxine_Chalfant at
I am searching for the parents of James Daniel Hunt Price who was born in
Barren Co., KY 1824. He is my g Gtandfather. His people came from Prince Edward
Co., Md
I will appreciate any information you might havr. Thank you

frank hubbard - Central California - wrote on April 30. 2003:
E-mail: hubcal at
Searching for info on "M' or "Morris' Griffin. Last record US Census, 1920. Anne Griffin listed with six of her 8 children (Two married and not in household) in San Francisco. AND "M" Griffin listed with wife and 3 children in Contra Costa County, across the bay. Reason I believe "M" Griffin in census the enumerator wrote a name..then apparently erased it...and inserted just an "M". Add to this the fact that all of Anne's children show TN as birthplace of their father. AND, the "M" griffin shows TN as place of birth. Any comments?

Rick Hunnel - Brea, California - wrote on April 29. 2003:
E-mail: rixtar99 at
On a whim, I entered my surname in a browser and it took me here. I found a bunch of my relatives' names
I am Richard Eugene Hunnel
my father is Harley Eugene Hunnel
my grandfather-William Martin Hunnel
my greatgrandfather-Louis Alvin Hunnel
it was really neat to find this.

Don Griffin - Dallas, Texas - wrote on April 28. 2003:
E-mail: donagriffin11 at
I am looking for info on my line of the Griffin family, specifically where in Ireland the family started. My Father was Donald E. Griffin, my Grandfather was Oscar Griffin, both from the Henderson Kentucky area. Thanks

Sandra Crews - - wrote on April 28. 2003:
E-mail: sand3045 at
GRIFFIN ancestors.
Albert Griffin married Mary Jane Bowden. Lawrence Co. TN.
no other info.
Ella (m Lon Green), Maggie (m Ander Mabry), Sallie (m. 1-Bradley, 2 Killen)
Jimmy (m. Harris), Kenny (m. Mabry)
Mattie Ella b 17 Jan 1899, married Alonzo Airzie Green 3
Sept 1911. Buried Freeman Cemetery, Leoma, TN.
8 children, 7 known names.
Vernon 1913
Virginia 1915
Paul 1917
Vivian 1919
Harvey 1921
Violet 1924
Bernice 1928
Would like to know Griffin relatives, possibly ALABAMA.
Any others known and birth dates, etc.
Thank you, Sandra Crews Hammond

Melvin F.Griffin - Georiga - wrote on April 26. 2003:
E-mail: mel_griffin2000 at
trying to start my own family tree. My grandmother was Alice Griffin, my father's name is Richard W.Griffin SR (Dick), have 3 uncles Bill Gay, Lonnie Greer, Thomas F.Griffin Mother name Linda Mae Mason.

Bill Griffin - Daytona Beach Florida - wrote on April 21. 2003:
E-mail: vroc1675 at
Originally from upstate New York

Melana Iverson - Canada - wrote on April 17. 2003:
E-mail: daba at
Searching Forsyth/Griffin Irish born family line. Thank you.

David Arthur Payne - NORTH MS. - wrote on April 12. 2003:
E-mail: payn5795 at
My grandmother was a Griffin an married my grandfather Paul Edward Payne . She is buried in Memphis TN. I am looking at some of the guestbook and found possible connections to Walker. Griffin/Walker Arthur Hale Griffin married Wilma Walker June 1st 1941. Please contact me

Shonie Griffin - Washington, U.S.A - wrote on April 11. 2003:
E-mail: griffinjohnw at
My dad James (Jim) Dennis Griffin was born in Alameda county, California in Nov, 1941.
He died in Montana at about the age of 31 from an ulcer. I hear my grandparents lived in Lewiston Idaho and Clarkston, Washington.
That's about all I know.

Veronica Spinks - Australia - wrote on April 10. 2003:
E-mail: keen_v_spirit at
im following my mothers side of the family: Griffin Cheltenham, UK

susan cates - usa-nc - wrote on April 9. 2003:
E-mail: stargazer2229 at
looking for irish/vermont griffins

James Franklin Walker - Roanoke, Virginia - wrote on April 8. 2003:
E-mail: ltcjw169 at
An absolutely wonderful website. I have a ton of photos and additional info on the Walker famil, with some corrections to information posted on this site.
I'll be happy to talk with anyone wishing to fill in some of the blanks on the Walker family....from James Henry Walker/Son of Leander Franklin Walker to present.
Give us a holler. 540/774-1007. JW

Robert Owen Walker - Hartville, Ohio - wrote on April 8. 2003:
E-mail: robowok at
My sister just discovered that our family is related to the Griffins and what is strange, is that my father's best friend was Jack Griffin. Both deceased, but never knew they were related. No wonder they had so much in common. Dad was Franklin Elias Walker from Ponca City, OK. Brothers Claude and Herb and sister Alma. Father was James Henry Walker who acquired land in the Charokee strip land race. They moved from Indiana to OK in a covered wagon in the late 18oo's. I believe James Henry had 7 brothers and sisters.

Judith Smith-Ross - Everett, Washington - wrote on April 4. 2003:
E-mail: tweetie13 at
I am of the Isaac Julien b. 30 NOV 1716 and Barbara White b. 1722 line. It goes like this:
Isaac Julien/Barbara White
Rene Julien/Catherine Allred Madden
John C Julien/Lucretia Childress
Isaac R Julian/Rebecah Letterman
Isaac M Julian/Sarah Jane McSpadden
Zelotus Julian/Nellie Lorraine Howard
Esther Lorraine Julian/Russell Ernest Smith
Judith Lynn Smith - me -
My sister, Esther Viola and I are actively researching our family ancestry and would like to
share information with you. Thank you for posting your site!!

June Traill - UK - wrote on April 4. 2003:
E-mail: junetraill at
Am decended from Settlers to Africa. Have substantial info that my newly reunited father has already compiled. As they are all in Africa and I am here - I am researching previous generations - ie those prior to emigration of 1820. I look forward to seeing your site JT

Robert John Griffin - Halesowen, West Midlands GB - wrote on April 3. 2003:
E-mail: r.j.griffin at
My family originate from the Birmingham and black country area of UK. Would like to hear of anyone who maybe related.

BRENT EDWARD GRIFFIN - new orleans louisiana - wrote on March 31. 2003:
E-mail: ED at GRIFFO.COM
well hello fellow griffins, I was searching for the Griffin
mythilogical creature & found this website. We actually dont know
alot about the Griffins in our family but do have some pictures
from the late 1800's & have a court deposition from 1928 of my
grandfather Julius Griffin from illinois. I have that information
& copy of the deposition at work. I will e mail more facts
tomorrow from work in hops of finding relatives.
Brent Edward Griffin

dennis grenke - charlton, mass - wrote on March 29. 2003:
E-mail: denbar8 at
looking for remaining relatives of my motherborn in 1909. she was anna Griffin who married Edward Grenke of southbridge, mass in 1935 Both are deceased. She had a sister Helen who married James McCrann and they lived in Milton mass. These was also Joesphine Griffin who married Ernest Housman of Braintree

Joy Lansing Pehl - Connecticut,U.S.A. - wrote on March 27. 2003:
E-mail: rjpehl at
I'm looking for my relatives in the past with the last name Griffin. My grandmothers name was Hazel Griffin Lansing Theibolt. If anyone has a relative by this name and may know about other relatives please contact me. I was trying to find out my original nationality. Thankyou

Joy Pehl - Connecticut,U.S.A. - wrote on March 27. 2003:
E-mail: rjpehl at
I'm looking for my relatives in the past with the last name Griffin. My grandmothers name was Hazel Griffin Lansing Theibolt. If anyone has a relative by this name and may know about other relatives please contact me. I was trying to find out my original nationality. Thankyou

Kip Griffin - Muskegon, Michigan - wrote on March 26. 2003:
E-mail: kgriffin at
Looking for the parents of Charles B Griffin b1796 New York mLucinda Kinney, they had at 10 children.
I know of at least one brother George S. b1795 mElecta Dalrymple they had 13 children.
Charles and George were living in Bolton, NY (Warren co) in 1820, 1830, 1850 & 1860 census.

Brian Walker - Eden Prairie, MN - wrote on March 21. 2003:
E-mail: bwalker at
Great site and great research! I wish the records listed the credited researcher's name.

Melanie Dunn - Osterburg, Pa - wrote on March 19. 2003:
E-mail: mdunn at
Just looking for Weyant family history. Thx!

Scott Schul - Portland, ME - wrote on March 19. 2003:
E-mail: sschul at
William Arthur Price is my great grandfather. I was
thrilled to learn more about him and the Price family from
your website, especially the photos!

Tony Griffin - Hamilton New Zealand - wrote on March 14. 2003:
E-mail: tony.griffin at

Jennifer Dickson - Leeds, United Kingdom - wrote on March 13. 2003:
E-mail: jennid2 at
My brother is Andrew Dickson, and I did a Google search and your site came up!

Shirley Griffin - Virginia Beach - wrote on March 12. 2003:
E-mail: myobok at
Doyt Griffin Married Verdie White and both moved to gastonia NC from Tenneessee

crystal jackson - australia - wrote on March 12. 2003:
its a good website well done

Debbie Jean Griffin - northeast united states - wrote on March 12. 2003:
E-mail: DJGriffin at
trying to find my mom Eleanore Griffin or her sister Sally

Pam Wiley - - wrote on March 12. 2003:
E-mail: rred30 at
Just trying to see if we might be kin, looking for the Smith's of Oklahoma.

Phillip Wayne Griffin - California - wrote on March 11. 2003:
E-mail: phwgriffin at
Just trying to see if my family tree is connected.

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