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Lori Grahame - Roanoke, Va. U.S.A. - wrote on March 10. 2003:
E-mail: SavannaWolfpup at
I'm looking on any information about my family . . . My
great grandmother was Clara Griffin before she was married
John Tinsley . . . If she is related to anyone in your
family, please e-mail me. Thank you!

Donald J. Root - - wrote on March 6. 2003:
E-mail: DRoot at
Looking for infomation on the Roote's of badby England

william simpson - Warwickshire England - wrote on March 4. 2003:
E-mail: bill-simpson20 at
Came across your site while looking for info on
Edward Jenkins (Coal miner) Who was married to Jane Maria Griffiths
Lovely Site you run

Julie Bolton - Yorkshire, England - wrote on March 1. 2003:
E-mail: Julb56 at
Came across your website when researching details of my grandmother, Martha McMillan, from Scotland and her father Robert McMillan from Portadown, Ireland. Found the site very interesting. Keep up the good work!

Melana Iverson - Fredericton, NB Canada - wrote on February 28. 2003:
E-mail: daba at
Search for my family. Frederick Maxwell Griffin my great grandfather worked on the CNR in Ontario, Canada and married Ada Rowlett. I was born in Vancouver, BC Canada
my Gradfather was Edward Joseph Griffin. Thank you for the great site, but I don't think we are related. Melana Iverson

judy griffin - - wrote on February 12. 2003:
E-mail: jkgriffin69 at
Im try to strat a family tree but im come up with nonething
if someone can help me I really be thankful for all your help.
MY grandfather's name is Peter&My grandmohter's name is
My father name is Lny Edwre and my mother's name is Betty
My name is Judy "wish I could spell" Kay
Thank you for your time

Sharon Griffin - U.S. - wrote on December 27. 2002:
E-mail: sharigryphon at
I'm trying to find out where my family came from.If you can help me please let me know?
Thank You,
Sharon Griffin

Keith Griffin - Bedford, England, UK - wrote on November 30. 2002:
E-mail: Lucasmatno1 at
Would like to trace family tree from Ireland to USA to UK
if you have any information please Email me.
Many thanks Keith Griffin

Matthew Griffin - Northamptonshire. UK - wrote on November 27. 2002:
E-mail: matthewlgriffin at
Interesting site, Will be back soon to read some more.

Reatha - California - wrote on November 19. 2002:
E-mail: Reas1949 at
I am researching my family of Griffins here is some of my family
John Griffin married Sally Parrish on their marriage register
her father names is David Parris.Their son Hampton Griffin DOB 1792
marries Jane Ezell.
Do you have these families.

Roy Calvin Irick - La area - wrote on November 18. 2002:
E-mail: rcirick at
Looking for information on the Irick and Scherer lines.
I am a grandson of James Wesley Irick.
Roy Irick

June Holmes - Western Australia - wrote on November 13. 2002:
E-mail: jbholmes at
I have been searching for an branch of the Griffin family tree as follows:
Five brothers - James, Charles H, Samuel, Martin and Jonathan - born in Cornwall 1856 to 1870,
all came to USA around the 1880's. Their parents were Thomas Griffin and Catherine (Kitty) Body who were both born in Cornwall. The brothers initially went to Colorado. After marrying,they travelled to other parts of the States. I have traced all descendants of Samuel (he married Ada Lampshire) but altho I have a reasonable amount of details for the other brothers, we cannot find their descendants. Their sister, Elizabeth was my Great-great-grandmother & she married & went to Australia to live.
James married Mary Hynds 6 July 1881 from Silver Plume, Co. - had 2 children, Leonard & Lucille.
(James & Mary buried at Alvarada Cemetery, Georgetown, Co)
Charles H, married Mary Arthur 8 May 1883 Silver Plume, Co. - lived in Jerome, Arizona at one time.
Charles may have died in 1935. Had 3 children Ethel, Clyde, Charles
Martin married Clarissa (surname u/k) - lived in Jerome, Arizona for some time but believed to have gone to South America to live. They had 6 children & their names were:
Elena (graduated from Jerome Grammar School), Esther, Edna, Alvin, Fred & Sammy (he died at 14 years?)
Jonathan married Minnie (surname u/k) - moved to Montana. Children were Olive, Ellen Mary,
Dolores (Lola), Katie (Kitty), Louisa and John Whitford.

Dennis Pegg - New Jersey...USA - wrote on November 12. 2002:
E-mail: Trueblood at
Surfing the net & found this...My father was Chester Pegg & my grandfather was Chester Pegg also.....if I can supply any info to you I would be happy to do so, as I am just now starting to work on the family history myself [Pegg Family] thanks.......Dennis Pegg

Jan Chrustalew - Wissembourg/alsace/France - wrote on November 12. 2002:
E-mail: Chrustalew at
There is additional information on your Scherrer ancestors
Best wishes,
Jan Chrustalew

Jan Chrustalew - Wissembourg/Alsace/France - wrote on November 10. 2002:
E-mail: Chrustalew at
one of my ancestors is Hans (Johann) Peter Scherer born
around 1630 in Ottweiler,Saarland,Germany
He was married two times:
His first wife was Ottilia (last name unknown) she died in 1651
His second wife was Apollonia (last name unknown) she died in 1687
Hans Peter and Ottilia had a son Hans Scherer, he moved to
Niederlinxweiler and worked as a shoemaker.
Maybe this Hans Peter is same as the one in your list.
Best wishes,
Jan Chrustalew

Taylor Griffin - Usa ,Ormond Beach, Fl - wrote on November 7. 2002:
E-mail: taytay70190 at
Hi I am looking for Peat Griffin

Gary Griffin - Titusville Florida - wrote on October 30. 2002:
E-mail: dgriffin11 at
Hi! I am looking for my grandfather Elmer Griffin. He was from Texas and working in Pennsylvania in 1932

Betty E. Smith Conley - Huntington Beach,CA. - wrote on October 19. 2002:
E-mail: dabeconley at
While viewing your Griffin Family, I find many of my family names: Smith, Pomeroy, Root, Ayers, Searle, I will continue to check your site to find a connection. I just know there must be one.


Noreen Williamson Sharpe - Saskatchewan, Canada - wrote on October 18. 2002:
E-mail: kennor at
Good looking site, good to see more of us Williamsons around.

alex griffin - springfield,mo - wrote on October 9. 2002:
E-mail: grif9111 at
I'm doing a reasearch paper on my roots, great site

Jan Kahn - Indiana - wrote on October 3. 2002:
E-mail: rickjan_46350 at
My mother is Elma (Griffin) Rudolph Jaunta Epple. She was born in Kentucky in 1928 to Robert Griffin and Lula Mae (Carpenter) Griffin Whisman Kaminski. Robert was the son of John Griffin and Mary Ann Griffin.
I have a marraige certificate where they were married in Rockcastle Co, KY on March 28, 1928, Robert was born in either 1899 or 1900.I cannot find out what happened to him after exhaustive research as he deserted the family and was never heard from again. I am hoping this branch will show up on your site.Thank you

Jeana and Deana White - Meriden, Kansas - wrote on October 3. 2002:
E-mail: DeanaW at
Hi, I am Jeana and my daughter Deana wanted to check out our family's site. I understand we have our pictures on this site. I looked one other time and my mom and dad's wedding anouncment from the paper was on the document site. I need to get a copy of it to show my Mom as she said she doesn't have it. Thank you for having this site. Jeana White

Helen Wilson - Sydney, Australia - wrote on September 29. 2002:
E-mail: wilsonhj at
Have just started tracking family tree of my husbands family,
his mother was a Griffin, hence my interest in your site.
Will keep looking and see if there is any link between us.
Great website, you have certainly produced a great site.
Bye for now,
Helen Wilson

Randy Michael Griffin - Voss, Texas - wrote on September 25. 2002:
E-mail: rgvosstx at
Just trying to trace my roots back as far as I can!! Great web-site!

Malcolm Charles Thomas GRIFFIN - Birmingham England - wrote on September 19. 2002:
E-mail: mgbg07033 at
Good to see that the family name is thriving in the New World
Best wishes to you all

carolyn s. beyner - Orlando, FL, USA - wrote on September 9. 2002:
E-mail: cb010147 at
Just checking for relatives. Wycoff descendant thru
John Wikoff b 1734.

James Andrew Griffin - Northeast Pennsylvania - wrote on September 4. 2002:
E-mail: jimmiegriff at
I am the son of Kenneth, grandson of Albert. Word is that our branch came from four Griffin brothers who left Honesdale PA in the late 1800's, their father(name unknown to me) was an Irish immigrant who settled in Honesdale in the mid-1800's. I have no way of verifying this information. Please e-mail me if you have any information to add or correct. In the end I believe we all are rooted in the same clan.

Jon Puda - abilene, texas - wrote on September 1. 2002:
E-mail: agriffin01 at
looking for mothers ancestors

john griffin - poplar bluff mo.hello - wrote on August 31. 2002:
E-mail: treegrif at
hello to my brothers.

Martha Griffin Stephens - Georgia - wrote on August 31. 2002:
E-mail: GSteph4458 at
I am the Granddaughter of George Rufus Griffin. Born in 1888 in Mississippi (I believe Water Valley) and died in Crittenden County, Arkansas in 1970.

James Wilkinson - Tennessee - wrote on August 30. 2002:
E-mail: tnecjim at
Searching for my Griffin Ancestors connecting to Susan Griffin my 2nd great-grandmother

Sherri McKay - AR - wrote on August 29. 2002:
E-mail: mckays at
My grandmother was a Griffin. In tracing my family tree,
I am stuck with her grandfather, Theophilus Griffin (1809/10-1861).
He is buried in Harrisburg (where I live), but no one knows from where he came.
I hope I can find some clues in your website. Thanks.

Dorothy Cline Brown - Austin, Texas - wrote on August 28. 2002:
E-mail: dorothyjeancline at
My father's name was John Everett Cline. I noticed that one of yourr ancestors was Everett Cline. It's probably a coincidence, but I do remember that he was named for an uncle. Dorothy Cline Brown

Sandy Smelser Leng - Ontario, Canada - wrote on August 28. 2002:
E-mail: sandy.leng at
I have traced our family to Niederlinxweiler in the 1630's. His name was Hans Schmeltzer. We immigrated to Ontario in 1833. As always I'm looking to find others who we are related to and the name Scherer has been linked with our family on a number of occassions.If you think I may be of help in your search, please contact me.

Donald Baird - Ohio - wrote on August 27. 2002:
E-mail: dbaird at
born 3/15/46 to Homver V. Baird and Alberta Bealey Baird in phoenix, Arizona
Homer born in Alberta Canada to Ivan (?) and Flota Baird

Kenneth R. Griffin (Ken) - Missouri - wrote on August 27. 2002:
E-mail: krgrif at
related to Perry (g grandfather), Kenneth S. (grandfather), and Dean K. Griffin (father) all of IL. Are any of my relatives out there?

Connie Byers - Minnesota - wrote on August 27. 2002:
E-mail: conniebyers46 at
Simply a check for any family tree info. Greffin/Griffin was a possibility of a great-great grandmother on my father's side. Just checking. P.S. You have a very nice website and a great looking family. Thanks for the view. Simply, Connie Byers

Wanda Ames - Alberta, Canada - wrote on August 25. 2002:
E-mail: ames_wanda at
Found a link to your page while searching for the surname'Stace'.
Thanks for the visit.

Joan Alberson Kruger - Sikeston, Missoui - wrote on August 23. 2002:
E-mail: joan_e_kruger at
My mother Estella Griffin Alberson, daughter of Thomas Griffin.

Roberta Downing - Ark, Tenn, Tx, Carolinas, Al, NM, more - wrote on August 22. 2002:
E-mail: Heartofthewind at
I was searching the net for 'Emrich'.

Peg - Ohio - wrote on August 20. 2002:
E-mail: pegmws at
Google search for "Jacob Daniel Scherrer" brought me here. If all my data verifies, I am a descendent through his dau. Catherine Scherrer who m. John Jordan (also fought in the Revolution). Their dau. Elizabeth Jordan, b. Guilford Co. NC, and spouse Joseph Goddard were the parents of Nancy Goddard, born TN 1819, who m. Hardin Hale Hope. Elizabeth Alzena Hope, widow of William J. Keylon, m. Russell Reno White, widower, in Meigs Co. TN 1887 (my great-grandparents). Contacts by interested parties welcome.
Have seen only a little of your site, but find it most polished I have viewed. Thank you for sharing.

Linda Griffis - Orange Park, Florida - wrote on August 18. 2002:
E-mail: momsfirstscreenn at
Very nice website. I am researching Baxley, Fountain, Futch, Godwin, Griffis, Williamson and many others.
Thank you,

Larry Griffin - Columbia, SC - wrote on August 16. 2002:
E-mail: larry0125 at
Looking for NC & SC Griffins 1750's to 1830's

Leila Menzies - - wrote on August 16. 2002:
E-mail: menziesl at
Elizabeth KIMBLER, wife of Joshua HAMMANS could be the daughter of Henry KIMBLER and spouse unknown.
She had 4 siblings according to Donna Kimbler on the genforum message board:
George Washington Kimbler, Hannah Kimbler, William Kimbler and Samuel Kimbler.
Samuel Kimbler is my relative and wed Hannah Orey (Oury) in Wythe Co, Virginia

Mary Ann Sisson - Oklahoma - wrote on August 16. 2002:
E-mail: Avaliant65 at
We have ties by way of Covenhoven + various Spellings
My GGGrandmother was Eleanor J. Covenhoven who married
Samuel A. Wheaton. She was b.Feb 1840 in NY and d.Aft 1896

Peggy Burroughs - Virginia - wrote on August 7. 2002:
E-mail: peggyburroughs at
Researching PRICE of Ohio

Viva - oklahoma - wrote on August 7. 2002:
E-mail: vivadn at
surname; CONNER, GRIFFIN, MCLAIN, CLEVELAND, COSBY, GLASS, tennesse, n.e. arkansas and s.e. missouri. appreciate any info

M Partridge - - wrote on August 6. 2002:
E-mail: michael at
thank you

jack mcgrath - levittown,pa,19055 - wrote on August 5. 2002:
E-mail: jackmcg31k at
i am trying to locate the burial location of
dr. major henry joseph m.d.(b:3-1-1890,d.6-28-1958).
he lived and practiced medicine at 115 w. jefferson st.
phila.,pa.,19121 from 1920 to 1957

Sir Michael Everson - Wales UK - wrote on August 5. 2002:
E-mail: evers88755869 at
Good luck in your reseach

Briana Griffin Etie - Griffin L-Rootsweb - wrote on August 1. 2002:
E-mail: agebre6 at
Currently looking for Alonzo/Alonza Griffin born in MS moved
to Arkansas died before 1920

Nancy - Ohio - wrote on July 30. 2002:
E-mail: Nancy2189 at
Surnames - Bradford, Vermett, Mominee, Cousino, Wells

Betty Currie - - wrote on July 29. 2002:
E-mail: at
Searching for ancestors of Ophelia Mae GRIFFIN dob 01-25-1922 dod 07-22-1997.
Nixon, TX, San Antonio, TX

Augusta Griffin Slagle - - wrote on July 29. 2002:
E-mail: aandkslagle at
James Avery Griffin and twin brother Irvin Cornelius Griffin
born 23Apr1867 searching for information

Mike Riddle - Oklahoma - wrote on July 28. 2002:
E-mail: mikeriddle at
My line is connected to Solomon Griffin b 1777 Rockcastle
Co. Ky., and Mary Martha Bull b 1780 Rockcastle Co. Ky.
Also another Solomon Griffin and Margaret McQueen. Any
info greatly appreciated. Mike Riddle

William James Griffin - Washington - wrote on July 28. 2002:
E-mail: shepherdess56 at
My Griffin family is originally from Swansquarter , North Carolina, migrating to Morehead City, N.C.
Thank you

George E. Griffin IV - Connecticut - wrote on July 28. 2002:
E-mail: genealogy at
Great work, keep it up! No relation to my line of Griffins, near as I can tell, but it was enjoyable to visit.
Come check out mine for comparisions sake. Perhaps you'll see some connection that I did not.
Good luck on your continued efforts.
GEG4 aka Chip

Deborah Perkins (nee Griffin) - Oklahoma - wrote on July 28. 2002:
E-mail: DJone3095 at
Searching for descendants of Jesse Griffin and Sarah Woody Brooks Griffin of Searcy County, Arkansas.

L. Rice - Canada - wrote on July 27. 2002:
E-mail: mousrice at
Researching the Griffin family in New Brunswick, Canada. Early Griffins came to NB with the loyalists from duchess Co. New York. Thomas Griffin settled in Grand Manan Island and later the mainland NB. He had four kids with first wife and 12 with second wife Mary Ann Matthews. Some of the children later moved back to the US in Maine, Ohio, New Hampshire.

Kathy Curtis - Oklahoma - wrote on July 27. 2002:
E-mail: kittykat at
Looking for ancestors of James P Griffin b. abt 1762.
Lived in AL and second wife was Nancy Williford. Their
descendants migrated to MS and on into east Texas.
I feel that James' father was a Samuel Griffin b. about

James R. Griffin Sr. - Illinois - wrote on July 27. 2002:
E-mail: jrgsr at
I am researching the GRIFFIN family of Ala and Illinois.
My gg grandfather was Andrew J Griffin and his Wife Hester A
Keys. Hester was born in Tnn. They lived in Ala(county unknown}
during the time span of 1800-1840. I would like to find the
county, town etc. I have been told they lived in the Arkdelphia
and Cullman Area, but have failed to find them there.
They had at least three children while there. William P. Griffin
Isaac W. Griffin and Malindia A. Griffin. Malindia married
George W.Keith while there and had at least one or two children
there. I would appreciate any information on this family.

Katherine Theilen - Texas - wrote on July 27. 2002:
E-mail: ktheilen at
My ancestor came to Texas in the mid 1850's from Mississippi. He was born, 1822, in Halifax Court House, Virginia but we have no names of parents or siblings. We could use help. He married into the Flowers Family in Mississippi, and then moved shortly to Wilson County Texas where he lived out his life.

Susan Emashowski - New York - wrote on July 27. 2002:
E-mail: Emaco241 at
Looking for Griffin families in Newburgh, Brooklyn NY areas.

Doris St,Claire - North Carolina - wrote on July 27. 2002:
I am related to the Griffin family of Anson/Union/Mecklenburg
Counties, N.C.
At this time I have very little info on them.

B. Channell - California - wrote on July 26. 2002:
E-mail: cbarbie2000 at
Looking for information about Ella Griffin who married John Dyer In North Carolina in that late 1800's.

Norma Lee Mayben - Texas - wrote on July 26. 2002:
E-mail: amronlee3 at
Just checking the sight to see if an uncle who I dearly loved happened to be in your Griffen line.

Debra McCauley - Tennessee - wrote on July 26. 2002:
E-mail: debbymac at
Saw you on Cyndi's List and wondered if you had an Eva Griffin in
in Tennessee.

LYNNETTE PETTY LAWRIE - Tennessee - wrote on July 17. 2002:
E-mail: lawrie at
I was searching for my "Henry MARTIN" when I found your web site. I am searching for my GGGrandfather, Henry Martin. He was born in N.C. (1803), went to Kentucky and then settled in Lincoln/Marshall county TN. His first wife was Maria TANKERSLEY, and then he married Laticia Delilah Lamb. Nice web site.

Debbie Baker - Canada - wrote on July 16. 2002:
E-mail: baker716 at
I am looking for the Earl Griffin that was posted in C.F.B. Pettawa in Ontario Canada during 1957. If anyone knows of him or his whereabouts, I would really appreciate it.

Ruby Heaslip - Illinois - wrote on July 11. 2002:
E-mail: Ruby1947 at
I am researching James H. Walker and also John F. Walker they lived in or arround Menard County, Illinois.

Janice Hughes Holliday - Alabama - wrote on July 11. 2002:
E-mail: doctjh at
searching for Florence & Louisa Griffin , who lived in Georgia then
then moved to Alabama. Their daughter Mary Griffin married
William Jasper Hughes,who are my grandparents.

Virginia - Florida - wrote on July 10. 2002:
E-mail: cherub_rose4 at
great site. Looking for a Joanna or Joannah Griffin married to a Warren.

Jeff - Indiana - wrote on July 8. 2002:
E-mail: indiana98 at
I am related to your Scherrer family through Hannah Sherrer (b. 1797 NC; d. 1878 IN) who married John Rivers. Hannah's parents were Frederick Scherrer (b. ~1763 NC; d. 1817 NC) and Barbara Smith. His father was Jacob Daniel Scherrer (who you have a biography on). I would like for a family member to contact me concerning this family. I only discovered being related to this family and would love more information on them. Thanks and I love your site!

mary (Griffin) lipsett - Iowa - wrote on July 8. 2002:
E-mail: mlipsett at
I grew up in Northwest Iowa. My Griffin great grandparents
homestead there. I now live in Indiana.My father had uncles that went to Montana

mike griffin - United Kingdom - wrote on July 6. 2002:
E-mail: mjgriffin6 at
Just browsing after searching for name Griffin on Google

s watamaniuk - Canada - wrote on July 4. 2002:
E-mail: swatamaniuk at
Hi there,
Just looking for some Martin relatives.

Charles L. Bokamper - California - wrote on July 4. 2002:
E-mail: c_bokamper at
I have data on Jesse(sp) and Dorothy Bokamper,
but I have Dorothy's last name as Nolen.
I got the information from Helen Robinson (Bokamper).
Any chance you can help me here?
I have about 650 individuals on the
Bokamper side if your are interested.
Thank you for the site and the help.
Chuck Bokamper (Jesse Bokamper,
His father Bill, was my Dad's father's Brother).

Diana Nielsen - Connecticut - wrote on July 4. 2002:
E-mail: bndn at
Looking for the "Bessie" Baber that married Albert Vynckier.
They lived in Denver, Colorado at least for awhile. They had
one daughter Doris Marie. They adopted a girl and they
called her Teresa. "Bessie" Baber was my Grandmother. I
understand "Bessie" had several brothers and sisters. One
sister's name started with a "Z"; something like Zona or
sounds like that. I would appreciate any information anyone
can give me. Thank you for your web page.

FRED DUNFORD - United Kingdom - wrote on July 3. 2002:
E-mail: freddunford at
I am trying to locate my mothers side of the family COWELL

Harry Degermark - Germany - wrote on June 28. 2002:
E-mail: hadgrmrk at
I am Merle and Albert Degermark's son. I stumbled on this website and was tickled at the interview with my mother. I have never heard of any of the names mentioned here, although she has left quite extensive geneological records. My wife, Sophie, and I are moving to Germany within the next two weeks, where we will retire. I do not have an e-mail address yet for Germany, but would appreciate a note letting me know how this information came about. Harry Degermark, Wilhelm Leuschnerstrasse 54, 64546 Moerfelden-Walldorf, Germany.

Lesley (Hickman) Ashmore - Illinois - wrote on May 31. 2002:
E-mail: hickman at
I had no idea I was on this site until I did a random search of my name! Neat!
An update on me, if you're interested: My birthday's May 29th, not 27th, and I was just married to Robin Christopher Ashmore on May 18th, 2002.
Keep up the great work!

Donna Ehrhardt Mann - Oregon - wrote on May 26. 2002:
E-mail: airheart6 at
I've done a tiny bit of research on my father's family. My
oldest cousin is the historian of the Ehrhardt side of the
family. My grandfather Samuel was born in Ramona Kansas (as
was my father Edwin Ehrhardt). Dad was born in 1915.
I figured with the same spelling and being in Kansas...there
may have been a connection.
Regards, Donna Ehrhardt Mann

Sue Sherer Walker - Texas - wrote on May 20. 2002:
E-mail: slimdoc at
Am searching for any information on my Great-Grandfather,
Samuel D. Sherer, native of Muscantine, Iowa, b. 5 June
1853, d. 30 Oct 1934. Married Emma Kiddoo Foote on 24 Dec
1878, in Chase, KS. Both buried in Lyons, KS.
Possibly related to Mary Sherer, daughter of Richard,
b. ca 1767, and Hannah (?) Sherer. Mary, born in
Pennsylvania, 26 Nov 1792, died 7 Dec 1855 in Joy,
Mercer County, Ill. Married James Kiddoo II.
James and Mary buried in Old Peniel Cemetery near Joy, Ill.
I have Kiddoo Family History but nothing on family of
Samuel Dale Sherer.
Would be interested in any information on Mary Sherer, too.
Sue Sherer Walker

Diane Griffin/Rayburn - - wrote on May 9. 2002:
E-mail: Diane26 at
I'm a Griffin from England just browsing.

David Lynn Keith - Indiana - wrote on May 9. 2002:
E-mail: Chestypowers at
An uncle from my mother's side (her brother), researched and created a family tree.
The earliest record of ancestry for my mother's maiden name
(Forester)is 'Nick' Scherrer of Oberbetsbach.
D. L. Keith

Martin Garcia - California - wrote on May 1. 2002:
E-mail: Crapola_sb at
Hey my name is martin garcia too.

Georgina Rae (Nee Griffin) - - wrote on April 30. 2002:
E-mail: guardia at
I come from London.

David Merwin Gill - California - wrote on April 28. 2002:
E-mail: dave at
Just googling on the name (my name) to see where it goes.

Sherry Camby - - wrote on April 28. 2002:
nice website

Kathy Shearer Plew - Indiana - wrote on March 11. 2002:
E-mail: kathy at
I have recently discovered my ancestors back to Ottweiler Germany. Your web
site is wonderful and has helped me tremendously. My pedigree chart reads as
Russel Junior Shearer
Russell Monroe Shearer
James Monroe Sheaer
Jacob L Shearer
David Shearer
John Jacob Scherrer
Jacob Daniel Scherrer
Hanss Nickell Scherrer
Hans George Scherrer
Johann Peter Scherer B: 1625-1630

Stacy Tustison - Arkansas - wrote on March 08. 2002:
E-mail: STustison at
thanks for the great site. I got here by typing my name in google
I just wanted to let you know that I have a sister named Lisa.
She is the daughter of Zean Marion Tustison and Diane Tustison
she was born on 7/9/1979, and will marry Micheal Hightower on
3-9-2002. Thanks again, Stacy.

Inari Griffin - - wrote on February 17. 2002:
E-mail: griffini at
Hello. I come from Finland but my father is from California.
If you know anything about Trupie Griffin, Sr. or are
related to him, please e-mail me.

Denise Shuman Watts - Virginia - wrote on February 17. 2002:
E-mail: csmith40 at
Am very impressed with your site. Great photo display.

Ruth Sickles Marcine - New Jersey - wrote on January 02. 2002:
E-mail: ruthsrescue at
Wonderful, informative site. My 4th great grandparents were Elias Sickles and
Hannah Holsart. They are buried in the Old Brick Church graveyard, in
Marlboro, New Jersey. My data base contains the same as your, with a few exceptions.
I enjoyed reading your information and viewing the photos. At least, now I
know I have living cousins!

Nancy Kile - Kansas - wrote on August 20. 2001:
E-mail: kile at
This is excellent. I would like to get in contact with you
about information that could be added concerning
Wilma Griffin's Family.

Jerry James Smith - Oregon - wrote on July 3. 2001:
E-mail: jjamessmith at
I am mentioned in your site. My parents are Mark Rowe
Smith and Jean Jane Hyatt. I have information I can
contribute both backward from my great-grandfather
James Kemper (back to Germany 400 years ago) and
forward (my children and grandchildren)> Please e-mail
me with a contact address.

Gloria - North Carolina - wrote on June 19. 2001:
You did an excellent job! This is a very complex
site that would make any webmaster proud.

Peggy J. McGilton - Kansas - wrote on May 29. 2001:
E-mail: chat4hours at
I haven't had a chance to look this over too much,
but it sure looks interesting. Keep up the good work.

Jan Griffin - Kansas - wrote on May 3. 2001:
E-mail: griffhawk at
What a gift you've given us! It's wonderful.

Sharon - Kansas - wrote on May 2. 2001:

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