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Cora Jane Walker
(8 Apr 1875 - 22 Sept 1951)

  Cora Jane was born in Butler County, Kansas. She was the daughter of Leander Franklin Walker and Catherine Clementine King Walker Moss. She died at Burlington, Kansas. She married George Enoch Griffin on 26 Dec., 1893. After his death she married a man named Sam Moses and after his death she married James M. Hamil, who had earlier been married to her sister, Anna Moreland Walker, who died in 1905.

  Her grandson, George Myrl Griffin, remembers her as a wonderful grandmother. His Uncle, Melvin Griffin had given him a shotgun and over a fairly long period of time he would shoot at least one duck each day. Grandmother Cora would say, "Bless his heart, Myrl is bringing home the meat, grandma will clean it for you," and every day the poor woman would have to clean another duck!

  Her niece, Merle Evelyn Degermark, remembers Cora Jane as a beautiful young woman who would come to visit her grandmother Mary Evelyn. She writes:

"You see, my father left my mother in Canada with four small kids. He never supported us, ever. So my poor grandparents took care of us mostly while we were little. My mother (when not working elsewhere) and brothers helped - really worked - on that dairy farm. During my time, Veazey was never in need, but they must have been sick of us kids. That is why we wound up on the west coast - he had Bright's disease and when the doctor ordered him to a soft water area, he decided on Washington state since his sister Rachel was there and they needed someone with them. My mother being single was elected. Cora and my mother were considered a little fast for the family. They liked to dress well and use makeup. When Cora came to visit she always had a bunch of shady stories to tell. I used to hide and listen and then repeat them since I didn't know what they were talking about. I'd tell a cousin and she'd tell my mother. That soon put an end to my hearing anything. Then Jim Hamil would come sometimes and stay for a few days, long before he and Cora got together. And he was such a liar, of course, we kids believed him. He had a son that was called 'Cleavy.'"

  Cora Jane and James Hamil had a brief aerial honeymoon (newspaper article) to his farm home near Hennessey, Oklahoma following their marriage. James and Cora were married in the home of Cora's brother William Andrew Walker. The plane landed on the wheat field of his 480 acre farm and upon their arrival at his home they were greeted by a large group of relatives and friends who had gathered there to wish them happiness.

  According to the newspaper account, Jim Hamil was a pioneer resident of Kingfisher County where he had lived at the time for 41 years. He was a retired farmer and cattleman.

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