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Daniel Jacob Sherer
(19 May 1784 - 12 June 1866)

  The son of John Jacob and Catherine Smith Sherer. He was born May 19, 1784 in Guilford Co., N.C. and moved to Ohio with his parents about 1806. He was a shoemaker by trade, going from house to house taking orders for which he took the measurements, and then making and delivering them. He married Catherine Yazel (whose surname is sometimes spelled "Yeazel") in Montgomery Co., Ohio on 3-24-1811. According to one statement he was 25 and she was 19. This would put their marriage in 1809. However, one family Bible gives the date as 1811. They were married in Miamisburg, Ohio.

  Catherine Yazel's mother's maiden name was Hole. Her family came from Kentucky to Woodburn, in Montgomery Co., Ohio, where the husband ran a horse grist mill - grinding for neighbors. He was accidentally killed while running the mill.

  In 1909 A.T. Sherer, the genealogist, gave this additional information which he had received from Mrs. G.J. Kelly, a great-granddaughter of John Jacob, who lived at that time in or near Eaton, Preble Co., Ohio.

    "Daniel Jacob Sherer was a shoemaker by trade, and followed that vocation for many years. Later in life he became a farmer. He was 5' 10" in height, with a round face, fair complexion, dark hair and round hazel eyes. He was a lifetime Democrat, a "Campbellite," and while not an ordained minister frequently supplied pulpits."

  Another descendent (Olive Cline Bennet of Grandview) wrote of him:

    "His principal occupation was farming. They lived in a log cabin on 160 acres of land which he owned. He was reared a Lutheran, and would have been ordained to preach 'had he not had some kind of disagreement while attending a conference."

  About this time Alexander Campbell organized a church called "The Disciples of Christ" in the home of Daniel Sherer, according to his daughter Catherine, (Olive's grandmother) who was about 10 at the time the church was organized. That was about 1825. Catherine's grandson John C. Wilson, told his children about the same thing. When the Sherers first moved to Ohio, Daniel carried his grain 30 miles to a mill on the Miami River where it was ground into flour.

  In 1864 Daniel Jacob and his wife Catherine, sold their farm in Ohio and moved to Grandview, Illinois, in Edgar County, where his daughter Catherine and some of his other children lived. Daniel died June 12, 1866 at the age of 82, and was buried at the New Goshen Cemetery south of Grandview. Mrs. Sherer died in Pike Co., Ill. at her son Martin Sherer's home, of typhoid fever, on July 20, 1870, and is buried in Bayles Cemetery in Pike County.

  Daniel Jacob served in the War of 1812. He was forced to stack arms by Hull. He was a 1st Sgt. at the time and begged his Captain Gilchrist to let him have a shot at Hull declaring that if Hull were out of the way, they need not surrender and could whip the British.

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