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Daniel Jackson Sherer
(4 May 1827 - ____)

  He was a doctor and after practicing for a few years in Indiana he grew tired of doctoring and moved to Edgar County, Illinois where he lived and farmed a little south of Grandview. His wife's name was Jane. They had no children but were foster parents to two boys and a girl: J.C. Whittier, Oscar and Estelle Sherer, the children of Levi Sherer Jr. He loved these children as though they were his own, and he said he had "raised two boys and they were as good farmers as any you could find." Daniel was honest in all his transactions; had a good humored disposition, greeted you with a smile, and welcomed everyone who came to his home. He loved music and rejoiced when boys came to him for band practice and he instructed them in fife, snare drums and bass. When his health began to fail he left the farm and moved to Kansas, Ill. where he died. He was buried in Grandview Cemetery.

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