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Catherine Sherer Hickman
(12 Sept 1815 - 3 Mar 1907)

  Eldest daughter of Daniel Jacob Sherer. On 26 May 1836 she married Cornelius Hickman. She was a remarkable woman, skilled in the pioneer arts of spinning, weaving, sewing, soap-making, etc... Her granddaughter, Susan Olive Cline Bennett wrote:

"She was as good as a doctor as could be found for miles around...was sent for in all sickness of the neighborhood...and would stay for days nursing the sick. She was a good doctor, nurse, cook, preacher, friend, and protector to the inhabitants of her community in the old days."

  She thought of herself as following in the footsteps of Christ as long as she was able to help others. She said one should do so and heal as He commanded. She cultivated and used her own drugs and many wild herbs which she hunted in the fields and woods - night shade, yellow root, ginsing, snake root and others. She prepared her own cures of teas, plaster, linaments, salves, or laxatives for almost any ailment. She could do any kind of work, either indoors or out. She grew flax and spun it and wool into thread or yarn, and then wove her own linens for the home and summer wear, and wool for warmer clothing. She made her own dyes from natural sources. She did all kinds of work and often took a parasol for shade when working in the field or garden. After her husband's death in 1887, she lived alone most of the time for 20 years. When Catherine was 90 there was a big birthday party for her. Her only living sister and two brothers were present for the party as well as most of her descendants and many friends. There was a 90 layer birthday cake (photo) made by her granddaughters. When she and Cornelius celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 1886, all of her brothers and sisters but one were present for the celebration. Catherine died at the home of her daughter Susan Hickman Cline on the old homestead about 3 miles SE of Grandview, on March 3, 1907. She was 91 years, 5 months and 21 days.

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