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Hanss Nickel (Nickolous) Scherrer
(16 Apr 1685 - 20 Feb 1764)

  The son of Hanss Georg Scherrer and Anna Catherine Gross, was born at Ottweiler and baptized there on April 18, 1685. He married Maria Catherine Noll of the village of Limbach. She died November 15, 1763 and Hanss died February 20, 1764. This we know from a letter to his son in America. The Scherrers lived in the village of Oberbetsbach, in the Province of Rheinland. Hanss was a small farmer, owning about 40 acres of land. We know they had at least 3 children:

  1. Georg Theobald Scherrer
  2. Jacob Daniel Scherrer; and,
  3. a daughter whose name is not known, but who was living with her parents in 1763, and likely married about then as her brother Theobald complained of a too large dowery for her.

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