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Hanss Georg Scherrer
(1657 - ABT 1741)

  The grandfather of our emigrant ancestor. He was born in 1657 in Ottweiler, Germany and was a baker by trade. The tax list in 1684 showed that he had a house with a garden and 2 cows. He also cultivated a morgen of land in the "east". A morgen is about 2.1 acres. His meadows yielded about 4 wagon loads of hay. In 1685 he is listed as a porter. In 1707 he became a master bricklayer. On September 26, 1682, he married Anna Catherine Gross in Ottweiler, daughter of Hanss or Johannes Gross who was a tailor. They had at least 2 children:

  1. Johan Theobald Scherrer; and,
  2. Hanss Nickel Scherrer.

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