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Thomas Roote 3
(About 1640 - 41 - _____)

  Thomas Roote Jr. is somewhat of a mystery. He arrived in Northampton with his father about 1654/55, and swore the 'Freeman's oath' at the same time as his father (1661).

  He married Abigail Alvord on 3 Jul 1666 in Northampton, and had either 3 or 4 children with her. Abigail was the daughter of Alexander Alvord & Mary Vore of Windsor. She was born in Windsor, Hartford, CT., 6 Oct 1647 and died 17 Jun 1699 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA, at 51 years of age.

  When a town inventory was performed (about 1663), Thomas Jr. was listed, but owned no property of his own, indicating that he was probably still living with his parents.

  Even though he was a freeman, he seems to have taken little part in the affairs of the town, and appears to have left there soon after the death of his wife.

  He reappeared the following year in Boston, and later in Lynn. He supposedly married next, a widow named Mary Cox, who was the daughter of Philip Kirtland.

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