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Thomas Roote
(1555 - 1609)

  Thomas Roote was born in, and lived in, a town called Badby, England, which was a parish in Northampton County. The Bishopric of London had Northampton County as his Diocese. The ancient name for Badby was Baddebi, which could have been derived from the Saxon words bade (a pledge in security) and bye (a dwelling or habitation). In the 1600 time frame, Badby was about 2.5 miles from Daventry. The village stood on the side of a sandy ascent called Badby - Down, and there were numerous springs of water and quarries of hard blue rag stones. It is a rural landscape, including Ardbury Hill, which includes about 10 acres of entrenchments reportedly built by the Romans. The village consisted of 86 houses and three inns. The three inns were named "Court House," "Burchill House," and "Root House." Thomas Roote married Elizabeth Parker, who bore him one child, John. Thomas died in 1609 and is buried in a churchyard in Badby. John Roote was raised by an uncle who adopted him. This uncle was a man of wealth, advanced in years, a zealous opponent of Popery, and considered one of the nobility.


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