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Joseph Roote
(1640 - 19 Apr 1711)

  He married Hannah Haines in Northampton, Hampshire, Ma., 30 Dec 1660. Hannah was born in Springfield, Hampden, Ma., about 1641. Hannah was the daughter of Edmund Haines and Hannah Lambe. Hannah died 28 Jan 1691 in Northampton, Hampshire, Ma., at 49 years of age. Hannah's name has also been spelled "Haynes".

  Joseph went to Northampton with his father, arriving there in 1654/55. His first home lot was along the east side of King Street, only about 2 acres in size. Since every settler was entitled to 4 acres, an additional 2 acres was granted, on the west side of the street for all the settlers except Joseph. This may have been because of his age (about 16 at that time), or because he was unmarried.

  In March of 1657/58, the town decided to apportion some land in the meadows, and lots were to be cast by those petitioners. Joseph Root drew 1 1/4 acres, adjoining Robert Hayward, John Stebbins 4 acres, Arthur Williams 5 acres, and Joseph Janes 1 acre & 1 rod.
(Due to the paucity of land that he owned, his name does not appear on the list of contributors to the cause of attracting a minister, although he had voted in favor of doing so.)

  When the town performed an inventory (about 1663), in an attempt to settle disputed lines between properties, Joseph Root was shown as having only his 2 acre home lot plus 10 acres of meadow land.

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