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Oscar Henry Martin
(17 Oct 1890 - 21 Feb 1970)

  The son of George Henry Martin and Emma P. Martin, he was born at Warba, Minnesota and married Nora Peterson, who was born 21 May 1892 at Halstad, Minnesota. They had no children, but raised a boy, Ned, who died at age 16. Oscar did logging, farming, and raised black foxes for 6 years. He went to Washington state in 1920, returned to Minnesota in 1936, and later moved to Stanfield, Oregon. He raised chickens for 9 years, mined in Nevada, worked at Ordnance for 3 years, and then for the railroad. After his mother's death in 1951 he ran a slaughterhouse for 6 years. His health began to fail and he was hospitalized 6 times in 1969.

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