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George Henry Martin
(2 Apr 1862 - 28 Aug 1937)

  The son of Duanne Jane Sherer and William Oglesby Martin, he was born in Butler Co., Ohio and died in Hermiston, Oregon. On 4 May 1884 he married Emma Ellen Perrott who was born 16 Feb 1865 in Buffalo, N.Y., and died 19 Jan 1951 at Stanfield, Oregon. They lived for several years on the farm south of Arcola which is now "Rockhome Gardens." Then they moved to Minnesota, and in 1911 to Stanfield, Oregon. Five of their older children stayed in Illinois, but eventually all of them but the Haney family moved to Oregon also. His first farm in Oregon was not good land, so he homesteaded where irrigation later came in. George Henry and Emma P. Martin developed a wonderful farm: they raised all kinds of fowl and livestock except pigs, and many kinds of fruit, berries and vegetables. He was an early promoter of the McNarry Dam. The Martins were great family people, with their children and grandchildren visiting them often. In 1934 they celebrated their Golden wedding anniversary with all of their children and their families present. They barbecued a whole beef, had wine made from their own grapes, and many other goodies. George Henry joined the Seventh Day Adventist in Hermiston, and after his death his wife joined it also. George died of cancer; shortly before his death he said he could hear the angels singing. At his own request he was buried in a white satin robe made especially for him.

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