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George Bert Hickman
(1884 - 28 Dec 1910)

  He owned a house in Clifton, Colorado when he married Coral Elisabeth Payne, Sunday, June 21st, 1908. That is where they first set up house keeping. In March of the year 1910 he moved himself, his wife and his young child, Lyle Ralph Hickman to Oregon and leased the Colonel Allison place, eight miles south of Klamath Falls, OR and four miles east of Midland, OR. He sold the home in Colorado, receiving only a small down payment, in the hopes of relocating in a place that would offer him more opportunity. The man who purchased the Colorado house notified him that he could not keep the agreement to make payments on the house because of the failure of his crop. Bert decided not to foreclose on the man but to "carry him over." Bert then leased the ranch adjoining the one he already was leasing in order to farm both of them the coming year.

  Before that could happen, he became ill. He developed severe headaches, and then, a few days later pneumonia. His attending physicians, Drs. Fisher and Taylor managed to stop the fever, but realized that there was something wrong with Bert's head. He died on Wednesday, Dec. 28, 1910 at the Allison Ranch. The doctors were unable to determine what caused the headaches but did decide that whatever was wrong with his head was the cause of death. He was unconscious sometime before his death and in a stupor during the last 24 hours of his life. He was laid to rest in the city cemetery.

  There is some irony in that his brother, Fred had just arrived at the ranch ten minutes after he died. Fred had come from Greeley, Colorado by train to Klamath Falls, then secured a team to the ranch.

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