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The Hickman Family

  On June 10, 1928 several of the grandchildren of Cornelius and Catharine Sherer Hickman decided to form a Family Reunion of the Hickman descendants. Since Cornelius and his sister Sarah A. Hickman had both married Sherers' they decided to include in the reunion the descendants of all the children of John Jacob Sherer and Catherine (Smith) Sherer. On August 5, 1928, about 175 persons attended the first Hickman-Sherer Reunion. There has been a reunion every August since then. Although there are several hundred descendants now, they are widely scattered and attendance now varies from 35 to 75.

  Cornelius and Sarah Ann Hickman were the two oldest children of Henry Hickman and Anna Mary (Sackman) Hickman. Henry Hickman is believed to have been born in Loudoun County, Virginia about 1780. His father, whose name may have been Peter Heckmann, is said to have come from Germany and settled in Loudoun County. Henry was drafted for the War of 1812, but did not serve as he was needed at home, and his father hired a substitute. It is said the Hickman family was once well to do, with a large estate and many slaves, but lost most of their wealth during the war. Henry married Anna Mary Sackman, and began to raise a family. They moved to Preble County, Ohio about 1832, where he died in 1843. Henry was a religious man and preached occasionally in the Lutheran Church. He and his father were both Whigs.

  Anna Mary Sackman (she was sometimes called "Polly") was born in Reading, Pa. on 10-18-1789, but lived most of her early years in Philadelphia, where she helped her father who was a tobacconist. Her work was turning the wheel which made the "twists." At the age of 15 - 20 she went to Loudoun Co., Va., where she met her future husband. Anna Mary was a great storyteller and loved to tell the stories of the Revolution she had learned from her mother. When she was a little girl she knew General Washington, and remembered getting him water to drink from the spring when he rode past. She was about 10 when Washington died, and she did not understand why crepe was hung at the door of her father's business place. After the move to Ohio about 1832, she lived in Preble Co. until some time after her husband's death. Then she moved to Illinois and made her home near Grandview with her daughter Rachel Hickman (Mrs. William Cline) until her death on May 8, 1876.

  Anna Mary Sackman's father was John Martin Sackman who was born in Germany about 1762 and died in Preble County, Ohio in 1838. He lived in Reading Pa. where Anna Mary was born, and moved to Philadelphia where he was a tobacconist. Then they moved to Loudoun Co., Va., about 1805 - 10, and on to Ohio about 1830. His move there probably influenced the Hickman's move west in 1832. John Martin Sackman was a Lutheran and sometimes served as a minister of that church.

  John Martin's wife was Mary Elizabeth Bridegroom, also of German extraction, though she was born and reared in Philadelphia. Mary Elizabeth was also a good storyteller, and was often surrounded by children eager to hear her tales of the Revolutionary War. One of her favorites was about how she went to the guard for a pass so she could go through the picket line to get material for making bread. Her ability as a storyteller seems to have been passed on to her children and grandchildren for both Anna Mary, her grandson Cornelius and some of her great-grandchildren were good storytellers.

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