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Cornelius Hickman
(4 Jan 1817 - 26 Nov 1887)

  He was born in Loudoun County, Virginia. Not much is known of his early years, except that he learned business by helping in a store from the age of 10. He was a blacksmith by trade, and maintained a shop even though he considered himself primarily a farmer in Illinois. He married Catherine Sherer in Preble Co., Ohio, in 1836, and 5 of their children were born in Ohio. The Hickman's moved from Ohio to Edgar Co., Illinois about 1846. The "History of Edgar County, Illinois" has this about him:

"By hard work and good management, after giving his children 500 acres, he has his home farm of 160 acres of fine land well improved. He is a man who has always helped any public enterprise. He has a good name and reputation which he has gained by having been honest and honorable in all of his business transactions. Now in his old age he can look back with satisfaction on his efforts to educate his children and accumulate property for them."

  At their 50th wedding anniversary party which was attended by a large number of friends and relatives, each was given a pair of gold rimmed eye glasses.

  Catherine and Cornelius were buried in the New Goshen Cemetery, between the home place and Grandview.

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